Summer Camp Idea: Matrix Ping Pong

May 24, 2011

Are you doing summer program? Need a fresh idea for a leader skit during entertainment night? This one will take a little work to pull off, but it could be magic!

Enjoy “Matrix Ping-Pong!” It looks like the audience at this high school talent show sure did.

I’ve never done this, so I’m not confident on all the details, but from watching it it looks like you would need:
-To contact areas in advance and ask leaders to bring all black outfits, socks, everything.
-Provide black mask/head coverings that the hidden leaders could wear.
-1 Piece of plywood painted like a ping pong table top (or an actual table)
-7 total leaders:
-2 leaders dressed in all black under the table moving it.
-2 leaders dressed in normal tops and black pants playing ping pong.
-1 leader holding a black stick with a ping pong ball glued to the end
-2 leaders (wearing all black) standing behind the ping pong players, with a stuffed pair of pants that each our holding to make it look like the legs of the players. (Not exactly sure how this worked, but you can probably mess around with it and figure it out.

Make sure you get the leaders to practice and watch the video ahead of time to learn some funny moves. It will take a little more work than usual, but is sure to be a hit! I could even see the Program Characters playing ping-pong as part of the storyline. And possibly adding some techno music in the background.

Please comment if you have ever done anything similar to this or have any insight as to how to pull it off.

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