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The Young Life Summer & The Strategy of Jesus

The World’s Greatest Road Trip

Apply to be on Summer Staff!

Free Chick-Fil-A: Cow Appreciation Day

Summer Reading Giveaway: Winners

Summer Contact Work with a Mission

How To Plan A Summer Adventure Trip

Summer Movies 2019: Movies and Trailers

Summer Movies 2018: Dates and Trailers

Summer Movies 2017: Opening Dates & Trailers

7 Fresh & Fun Summer Contact Work Ideas

Summer Movies: Opening Dates and Trailers

What Should Young Life Leaders Pack For Summer Camp?

7 Creative Ways To Hang With Your Middle/High School Friends This Summer

Do you need some creative summer contact work ideas? Here are seven you might not have pulled out of your bag yet.  Leisure Dive  All you need is a camera and a pool/lake. Create some great memories and photos. Here are some great examples.  Driving Range/1 on 1 Golf Even if you’re terrible at golf, the driving range is…

Best Week of Your Life: Young Life Camp Infomercial

A great camp promo video from Sammamish/Issaquah Young Life… Thanks for sharing this with us, @YLSkyline!

How To Create Camp T-shirts Kids Will Love To Wear

7 Keys To Having A Rockin’ Young Life Club Band Next Fall

This was originally posted on 4/11/11. During these last few clubs of the year, it’s key to begin thinking about next year. How do you give the rising upperclassmen ownership? One way is to begin encouraging kids to sign-up for the “Young Life Band.” If only one leader played guitar at club this year, consider “expanding” the band…

Navigating Summer Boredom, Part 3: A Better Story

I recently read Donald Miller’s book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. In it he tells a powerful story about his friend Jason who was having some trouble with his 13-year-old daughter. She was dating a loser, into drugs, and Jason didn’t know where to turn. After hearing Jason’s story, Don made the offhand comment that his…

Navigating Summer Boredom, Part 2: Money

High schoolers tend to believe that money equals happiness. How can you possibly have fun if you don’t spend lots of money? Here are a few random and inexpensive ideas for helping high schoolers kill their boredom without breaking the bank. You will probably have to lead these activities the first time around, but take a high schooler…

Navigating Summer Boredom, Part 1: Movies

Summer Camp Idea: Matrix Ping Pong

Are you doing summer program? Need a fresh idea for a leader skit during entertainment night? This one will take a little work to pull off, but it could be magic! Enjoy “Matrix Ping-Pong!” It looks like the audience at this high school talent show sure did. I’ve never done this, so I’m not confident on all the…

Summer Camp Idea: Links

Get some ideas for outfits for your cabin, follow up after camp, etc.. at Keep those summer camp ideas coming! Thanks to all of you who have already submitted. Post comments below or email YL1941 at gmail dot com.

My Favorite Summer Camp Idea: Random Bus Passenger

Two summers ago we found out that we were getting a new leader in our area. He was moving to our city just a few weeks before camp. Instead of letting him jump in right away, we came up with a fun way to introduce him to the kids. Another leader in our area had a grandfather who…

Summer Camp Idea: DJ Program Characters

Here’s an idea for run-on characters during club or for use as summer camp program. Thanks Niki for this submission: DJ Status and DJ Drop It. Come out in full gear. Large headphones, singing to themselves holding one ear, ect. My name is DJ Drop It cause I drop the beat like it’s hot and my name is…