Navigating Summer Boredom, Part 2: Money

July 6, 2011

High schoolers tend to believe that money equals happiness. How can you possibly have fun if you don’t spend lots of money? Here are a few random and inexpensive ideas for helping high schoolers kill their boredom without breaking the bank. You will probably have to lead these activities the first time around, but take a high schooler under your wing and teach them the details of how to make it happen without you next time.Cornhole Tournament(Cost= Free if you borrow the boards)
Invite some friends over, borrow a set of cornhole boards, and play all day. Make the losing teams pitch in to buy some gas station slushies for the winners. You could even get crazier and create a summer corn hole league with t-shirts and a summer finale tournament.Jam Session(Cost= Free)
Organize a gathering of high schoolers who love to rock out. Invite singers, percussionists, guitar players and that one kid you know who is always carrying around a ukulele in his backpack. Have fun learning new songs from each other and maybe even consider writing a song that you could sing in club next semester. Get someone to bring their macbook and record it on Garage Band and post in on your Young Life facebook group for everyone to enjoy.Dark Ultimate(Cost= One time $18, then free after that)
Buy this LED light up disc for $18 and have hours of fun. You can play ultimate frisbee in the dark with as few as 6 folks (3 on 3) and all you need is that frisbee and 4 flashlights to use as end zones.Homemade Ice Cream Party(Cost= Less than $10 if you borrow a maker)
Borrow an ice cream maker from a friend that recently got married, they most likely got one as a wedding gift. If you need to buy one, Walmart will hook you up for cheap, or you can order it on Amazon here for $30. Invite some friends over and amaze them with your Ice Cream making skills. For real. Because I’m about to give you two recipes that might just make you famous around your hometown.

  • Chocolate:Mix together one 8 oz container of Cool Whip and one can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk. Stir those up and pour into your Ice Cream Maker cylinder and then fill it up to the fill-line with chocolate milk. Use some rock salt to melt the ice around the cylinder and 30 minutes later you’ll be licking your lips.
  • Vanilla:Mix together one can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk, one tsp of vanilla, two eggs, 2.5 cups of sugar, and milk to the fill line.

What other cheap and out of the box ideas do you have to help high schoolers kill summer boredom? Please share in the comments below.

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