Summer Reading Giveaway: Winners

Young Life Leader June 18, 2019

Thank you to all who entered our Summer Reading Giveaway

Our Grand Prize Winner, who won a copy of each of the ten books, is Derek Walne! Congratulations Derek! 

Our 90 winners are listed below with the book that they won! You should be receiving your new book within the next few weeks to the address you included in your entry!  Thank you again to each of the authors who each graciously donated 10 books for this giveaway! 

A Life Worth Living by Chuck Reinhold

Tons of wisdom from a seasoned Young Life veteran. Reading this book will make you want to spend more time with Jesus.

David DeLozier 

Kaylin Mathes

Joel Newbury

Trey Trent

Raygan Hall

McKenna Swindell

Jordan Graydon

Emily Zapata

John Webster

Adulting 101 by Pete Hardesty and Josh Burnette

A practically helpful guide for any graduate who is entering the world of adulthood. 

Alex Vasquez

Brad Scandrett

David Wegman

Quinten Ncube

Camden Belinko

Leah Metzger

Jake Schwab

Kevin Dorman

Kim McElreath

Becoming by Clint Gresham

A vulnerable look into the world of a Super Bowl Champion and Young Life leader.

Caleb Burchett

Louise Thomas

Patrick Meehan

Tucker Been

Hayden Regitz

Rosalia Jeon

Angie Polejewski

Brody Clarke

Debbi Hobart

Longing to Experience More of Jesus by Ty Saltzgiver

A 20-day primer that will lead you deeper in Christ this summer.

Jordan Gilbert

MacLaine Birch

Jackson Ducote

Kahlil Glenn

Mark Kirgis

Brooke Christopherson

Dylan Birkett

Kassi Brown

Rob Johnston

Mark in a Month by Sean McGever

Go through the Gospel of Mark in 30 days. A helpful tool to use with kids after they come home from camp.

Andrew McMillan

Amy Nielson

Jen Payne

Brooke Allen

Rob van Mourik

Erin Buddig

Emma Boardman

Matt Siebert

Jackson Leach

Prayer by Justin McRoberts

A unique guide to prayer with out-of-the-box suggestions and thought-provoking imagery. 

Alex Medlin

Beeb Gerlicher

Trey Ridge

Rachel Saltarelli

Caleb McCombie

Jeremiah Grooms

Madeleine Williams

Katie Carter

Gerardo Guerra

Running on Empty by Fil Anderson

A true story of hope from a Young Life veteran. Encouragement for any of you who feel like you’re facing burnout.

Tabitha Boothe

Amanda Wells

Riley Korf

Nathan Hunt

Bubba Ivey

Cody Sanders

Katie Vahle

Jeremy Engle

Magdalene Jacobs

Teach Us To Pray by Jim Branch

A reflective journey through the Psalms from the author of The Blue Book

Devon Messick

Wyn Pobletts

Terykah Hollis

Sean Raimando

Amy Hurd

Rudy Aleman

Miranda Bilello

Patrick Flint

Liam Lambert

Telling Stories: God’s Grace Revealed Through Adventures, Awkwardness, and a 1981 Monte Carlo by Brian Summerall

A collection of true stories along with Scripture applications and questions from one of Young Life’s best story-tellers.

Stephanie Marquez

Chelsey Gravseth

Justin Friel

Klariza Lynn

Jake Landon

Heather Faulkner

Alejandro Maldonado

Braden Sydor

David Koch

Worth the Suffering by Jenna Henderson

Prayers and journal entries from a Young Life leader who recently passed away. Encouragement for anyone facing suffering or loss.

Erin Long

Hailey Stulp

Jeffrey Chambers

Claire Simon

Andrew Cates

Loma Steele

Megan Kelley

Riese Chatfield

Briana Bourgeois

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