Run-On: Elsa And Catman

January 16, 2016

Run-on Idea submitted by Eric DeVries, WyldLife leader in Eastern Ottawa, MI.

The premise of the skit was that Elsa ran a talent show from her basement. However, she would always get interrupted by her condescending brother, Catman, who owned too many cats. This skit would lead into a short skit where Elsa would have the kids show off their talent.

Elsa: Elsa wore a matching wind suit She was very excited and bubbly. Her catch phrase was, “Hi I’m Elsa! No not that Elsa… But maybe someday!” She would always tell a suspicious story about her increasing fame. (example: people knowing who she was at school or at a family reunion)

Elsa’s intro and exit song was “Let It Go.”

Catman: He wore an ugly sweater and had his hair parted and combed down. He would interrupt Elsa’s show. He would embarrass his sister by his mere presence every week. His catch phrase was, “heyy sis, it’s me Catman!” He talked in a nerdy voice and constantly combed his hair as he talked. Every week, he would have a new story about how much his cats loved him!

Catman’s intro and exit song was, “The Kitty Cat Dance and Song.”

After some brother/sister banter, Elsa would bring up some kids to “Show they are the real stars of the show” by playing a minute.

Click here for a downloadable script of Elsa and Catman. 

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