Our Fall Club Schedule

August 31, 2011

Here is our fall schedule. Feel free to steal any ideas that trip your trigger.Creativity is just forgetting where you stole it from.I think I made that up.

Sept 12- All City Freshmen Club
Sept 19- First Club Carnival
Sept 26- Rave Club
Oct 3- Harry “Mustache” Potter Club
Oct 10- Blue Club
Oct 17- Redneck Club (Barn Party)
Oct 24- All City Club (during banquet)
Oct 31- Costume Club
Nov 7- No Club (due to fall camp that weekend)
Nov 14- Glee Club
Nov 21- Turkey Club
Nov 28- Breakfast Club
Dec 5- Christmas ClubAll City Freshmen ClubSeniors bring freshmen. Have a freshmen parents mtg first. Good way to help freshmen gradually step into club without being so overwhelmed by tall people who shave.First Club CarnivalInvolve parents and community folks to help serve. Local, Volunteer, yet TALENTED Artists drawing caricatures. Photo booth. Football toss through tire. Popcorn machine. Cotton Candy Machine. DJ’d music. Outdoor pre-party and a typical club inside introducing run-on characters for the first time. (Intro talk: “Come & See”)Rave ClubStill trying to decide if we can actually call it “Rave Club” with the drug references associated with that term. Could go with Glow Club, or Black light club, but Rave Club sounds way more rad. Any input? A rehearsed dance that kids perform with glow sticks. Highlighters drawing on kids that show up under black lights. (Talk: We know what God is like by looking at Jesus)Harry “Mustache” Potter ClubA combo between Harry Potter Club and Mustache Club. Last year Mustache Club was one of our biggest home runs, but it felt a little to soon to repeat it. Harry Potter club has lots of potential, but there are still kids who hate HP. Maybe combining them will give kids a chance to choose or do both. We’re once again stealing some ideas from YLHelp.com and playing Quidditch as a mixer (broom ball), making up some HP trivia ?’s and awarding the “House Cup.” Reenacting the HP Puppet Pals viral YouTube video and playing Pin the Mustache on Harry Potter.(Talk: Person of Christ)Blue ClubStealing this idea from the genius mind of Tim Safley in Asheboro, NC. Constantly play Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65, sing club songs and change the word “you” to “blue” in all the songs. It’s silly but hilarious. Races where teams in single file lines race to eat blue freeze pops, but the person behind can’t start eating til the person in front is done. Brain freezes galore. Pre-select some kids to paint up and perform as the Blue Man group banging on things in terrible rhythm. Easy to brainstorm and run with other ideas. If you think of anything good, please share it in the comments below. (Talk: Person of Christ)Redneck Club (Barn Party)We’re using a high school gal’s barn. Stringing up Christmas lights. Getting a kid’s uncle to play banjo. Cricket spitting. The classic Dueling Nostrils skit.And other redneck games and songs. Do you have any fun redneck ideas to share? (Comment below and I’ll update the post with your ideas.) (Talk: Person of Christ)All City Club (during banquet)Writing a skit where the different run-ons/walk-ons from each separate club interact with one another. Playing family feud with questions we pre-ask kids and use real answers. Camp video to sell fall camp one last time. (Talk: Person of Christ or Need)Costume ClubOn Halloween night. Costume Contest. Bus Skit for camp. Caramel Apple Eating contest.Pumpkin carving contest to look like run-on characters. Song: Monster Mash. What other suggestions do you have? (Talk: Need/Sin-pretending to be something we’re not.)Glee ClubUsing these ideas from North Shore YL. Show fall camp slide show. ‘What Lyric is Missing’ game. Kids perform rehearsed a song and dance. Low budget Karaoke. (Talk: Cross)Turkey ClubTurkey bowling. We might change this club. Don’t have a ton of good ideas yet, but wanted to do something turkey-ish since it was near Thanksgiving. We might go with 80’s Workout club instead. (Talk: Resurrection)Breakfast ClubGood morning YL videos. Wear pajamas (warn kids they need to be appropriate, lil concerned about this). Serve cereal, milk, donuts. Donut toss. Bobbing for breakfast (Apples 2 pts each; bananas 3 pts; waffles 4 pts each; soggy Cheerios 5pts each) (Talk: Appropriation/ Life with Christ)Christmas ClubA ton of good ideas here. (Talk: Christmas/God with Us)

Here is a link to more theme club ideas.
Here is a link to some more helpful club plans from YLHelp.com

What games/songs/extras would you add to the club ideas above that we can steal from you? What other theme clubs could be winners? Sharing is caring. Please comment below.If the Young Life Leader Blog is helpful to you, please share it with other leaders in your area and become a fan on facebook.You can share it through the social network buttons in the grey box directly below. Thanks!

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