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“What if it’s True?” A Song by John T. Martin

New Content Song: “Best Friends”

A New Approach to Young Life Club Music: Just Dance Videos

10,000 hours by Justin Bieber & Dan + Shay

Thanks to Michaela Otal for sharing with us that 10,000 Hours by Justin Bieber and Dan + Shay is a great club song! You can find the lyrics here, slides here, and the chords in both a word document and a pdf.  If you have a club song that your Young Life club loves, email us so we can…

An Old “New” Club Song

How To Lead Music At Young Life Club

Amazing New Club Song: “Parked Out By The Lake”

Musician Spotlight: We The Kingdom

Spiritual Disciplines of a Leader: Worship

Camp Musician of the Month: Billy Cerveny

Spotify Club Playlists

Camp Musician of the Month: Wolfgang Maximilian

You Were Made For This: A Song by Grayson Green

Check out this new song written by Young Life Leader Grayson Green!  The video below features Grayson and his friends from Joshua Young Life Texas! The song is full of truth and encouragement and can’t help but bring a smile to your face! Below you’ll find links to everything you need to play this video or sing the song…

Camp Musician of the Month: Becky Kinder

New Songs for Need Talks

There are two new pop songs that could be helpful in helping kids understand our brokenness and need for the cross and resurrection. You could use them during a need/sin talk or even to launch a Campaigners discussion. John Mayer’s “I Guess I Just Feel Like“ I guess I just feel like Nobody’s honest Nobody’s true Everyone’s lying…

A Game-Changer for Young Life Club Songs: Lyrical Slides

Camp Musician of the Month: Jordy Searcy

Camp Musician of the Month: Carly Escoto

Brand New Content Song from Nashville Young Life Leaders

How To Have Awesome Club Music Next Fall

Camp Musician of the Month: Lou Ruiz

Camp Musician of the Month: James Tutson

Camp Musician Of The Month: Matthew Ruiz

Choosing Music for Club & Camp