Spotify Club Playlists

May 2, 2019

Music is a universal language and can instantly enhance a club environment. Here are some playlists that will hopefully help you achieve a positive, upbeat atmosphere.

Hanging Out Music

Mostly secular but does include upbeat “Christian” songs. Varies from classics, a few Disney songs, and a lot of new ones. Listen here or here.

Mixer Songs: Upbeat songs that are good for hyper games. Listen here.

Halloween Club Playlist: a playlist for the occasion.

Listen here.

Minion Club: Listen here.

Super Hero Club: Listen here.

Disney Club: Listen here.

Star Wars Club: Listen here.

Country Club: don’t worry, these country songs are appropriate. Listen here.

Love Club: Listen here.

Birthday Club: Listen here.

80’s Club: Listen here.

Disclaimer: We haven’t listened to every song on these playlists, so you’ll need to double check them yourselves!

If you have other Spotify playlist for club or camp to share, email us here.

Written by Marissa Brogden. 

Marissa is currently on YL staff in Livermore, CA, having recently served with Young Life Military/ Club Beyond in Germany. She is focusing on developing Young Life and Wyldlife in her area and loves reality TV shows and boy bands.

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