Musician Spotlight: We The Kingdom

September 20, 2019

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featured Camp Musician this month is 
We The Kingdom!

From the Band

“Gosh, we can’t possibly overemphasize what a role Young Life has
played in our lives and music. You could say that Young Life was the frame through
which our picture of Jesus was painted. The ministry
has been a spiritual foundation for all three of the last generations of
Cashes. Ed and Scott’s dad, Steady Cash, was on the Young Life board for
several decades starting when they were kids, so their childhood was tethered
to going to camps, having club at their house, and constantly being around Young Life staff folks. 

After an intense battle with drugs and alcohol in his teen years,
Ed met Jesus and soon after went to Frontier on Summer Staff. He then spent
several years doing multiple assignments each summer as the camp musician. Ed was also a leader in
Charlotte, NC. 

Scott met Jesus at Windy Gap as a 5-year-old, was super involved
in high school, played music at weekends and led in college, and he and his
wife went straight from college graduation to their wedding and honeymoon and
then three days later went on their first assignment at Lake Champion. They
have done assignments every summer since. 

The band continues to do music on Young Life weekends, work-weeks, regional staff
conferences, assignments, etc…

Franni and Martin cut their
musical teeth as elementary school-aged kids playing and singing at various
Young Life events with their dad, grandfather, and uncles. Since then, they
have done several weekends and other events with the band as well as being on
Work Crew and Summer Staff and being part of the music team on assignments.
Andrew has been playing at camps with members of the band for the last seven
years. Our relationships with Young Life and with countless individuals on
staff have been instrumental in who we are and the music we write, and we are
cherish every opportunity we have to partner with the ministry in any way we

Visit their website.

Listen to their music on Spotify and Youtube!

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Contact them for booking here.

What other Area Directors are saying about We The Kingdom

“We the Kingdom is the real deal.  Each member authentically
loves Jesus…and their music is clearly an overflow of their passion.  They
are humble, kind, and true.  If that wasn’t enough…their talent is
seriously on another level.  UNBELIEVABLE.  While at camp, they’re
often found doing the small unseen tasks, knowing kids, and leading Assigned
Teams and staff into deep, intimate worship.  We all need to tune in,
because these friends are making a huge impact on the Kingdom of God!”

Chris Hak

Southeastern Division Camping Coordinator

“While the band We the Kingdom is
a relatively new group, its members possess some of the deepest, longest and
strongest Young Life roots. Ed and Scott Cash, veteran Young Life musicians and
accomplished music producers, have joined with two other members of the Cash
family – Franni Rae and Martin (along with their pal Andrew Berg) – to form a
new music expression that is already serving the mission in so many ways.
Whether leading club and serving as Camp Musicians on a YL Summer Assignment or
leading worship for a Young Life Leader Weekend, these are true partners in the
gospel. Their songs are honest, bold and raw…full of longing for a God who
redeems and makes whole. Their music naturally complements the gospel
proclamation at a Young Life camp and connects deeply with kids and
leaders. We The Kingdom is easy to work with, fun to be with,
extremely talented and yet humble to the core . I am no songwriter or vocalist,
but if I could do either – I pray I would offer the same passionate, honest
yearnings that I hear from We The Kingdom music.”

Scott Caldwell

Associate Regional Director

Tennessee Region

“Many of us on staff at Windy Gap and SharpTop
Cove have been spoiled as we have had the unique opportunity over the last few
years to watch We The Kingdom take shape and become the band people are falling
in love with today. Those who know them are generally unable to decide if they
are bigger fans of their music or who they each are as people. Both are of the
highest caliber. They do all things with excellence and precision as they know
they are proclaiming the Lords words, and it is deserving of their best. From
their lyrics, to their raw talent, to the time they invest, it simply feels
different. One listen to this group, or better yet seeing them live and you
will understand just how exciting, vulnerable, and gifted We The Kingdom truly
is. I am grateful for what I have seen this band become so far but I know it is
only a small sample of what is in store.”

Madison Hill

Guest Services Coordinator at Windy Gap

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