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Summer Camp Program Opera Lip-Sync

This song just screams… “You know you wanna lip-sync to me in the program opera at Young Life camps this summer!” ) What other songs do you think are winners to include in summer program? Comment below or email me here and we’ll compile a list to share.

New Club Song Chords & Slides: ‘Say Something’

Although ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World makes this kid cry, it’s still a fun new song to sing in club. The very end of this 1 minute video is priceless.  If you’re going to pull this song off in club, it helps to have someone who can sing well, and if not well, at least someone…

Hip-Hop Songs To Play/Sing At Club

New Club Song Mashups

UNCONDITIONALLY, Katy Perry, and Young Life

A New Content Song From Andy Osenga: 'Where Do I Go?'

As I Am: A New Club Content Song With Chords And Slides

Fast Songs To Play As Kids Enter Club

Over 150 Young Life Club Songs For The New Semester

I Am Yours: A New Young Life Content Club Song

Listen/watch the video of ‘I Am Yours’ on YouTube.   In our local YL club, we often have a hard time finding ‘content songs’ that fit well with talks we’re giving during the semester.  Typically we have to choose between a secular radio song that alludes to the topic or a straight up worship song. There aren’t many songs…

I Am Yours Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to the new club song I posted earlier. You can download it here. I Am Yours When the world around me’s crashing down, would you remind me you are strong? When I feel alone and have nowhere to turn would you remind me I belong? When I don’t know who I am anymore, would…

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