Tons Of Ideas For Spring Semester Club Planning

January 4, 2014

Young Life teams are gathering here at the beginning of the semester to plan club for the spring. If you’re willing to share your club schedule/ideas, you can leave them in the comments below or email me here and I’ll post it for others to use.

We typically don’t start club back up until the last week in January, but we started a new tradition last year. The week before club starts we held an All-Area Wingfest. You can get details on how to run one here. It was a great way to kick off the new semester. I know a few other areas who do All-Area Dodge Ball Tournaments and other big events to get things rolling.

The spring semester for us tends to be up and down in terms of club numbers. Lots of sports, school musicals, etc… In order to keep club fresh, we’re going to try and mix it up this spring, throwing in some ‘field trip events’ to break up the normal club schedule. We’ll probably do 2 or 3 of these ideas:

AirBound Trampoline Park 

Tumblebees Gymnastics & Climbing Gym

Bounce U Inflatable Party Zone

Find Your Leader‘ event at the local outdoor mall

Bigger, Better, Best


Superbowl Club

The Superbowl is Sunday, Feb 2nd, so you can do ‘Superbowl Club’ the week before or the week after. If you do before, you can take kids’ predictions, and film your own ‘superbowl commericals’ that can be shown the following week. If you do it after, you can show actual commercials from the Superbowl and vote on your favorites. You can also do Superbowl trivia before or after. Here are a TON of other Superbowl Club ideas.

Winter Olympics Club

The Winter Olympics kicks off on Feb 6, so it would be timely to do a Winter Olympics club the week of Feb 10. Here are some ideas for games, music, mixers, etc…

Ms. Valentines Pageant 

Similar to Mr. Christmas Tree.

St. Patty’s Club (Lucky Club or Green Club or Shamrock Club or Irish Club)

This year St. Patricks Day is Monday, March 17th. Here are some ideas for club.

March Madness Club

March 18- April 7. The Final Four is April 5-7.

YL’s Got Talent

Most highschools do a spring talent show. We always do one at YL club and it’s become a favorite. Different kids show off their funny and serious talents. Great way to encourage kids who might not get to perform in the school show.

Spring Break Club/ Luau Club

Here are some ideas for a Beach Party club and here are some more from

Tacky Prom Club

Here are some ideas from

Cinco De Mayo Club

It falls on a Monday this year, could be a great night to dance the salsa!

Yo Mama Club

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 11, so Monday May 12 could work.

8th Grade Club

Make it a priority to schedule this club in! It doesn’t have to be called ‘8th grade club’ but make sure you have a night near the end of the semester where you invite 8th graders to club. Last year we invited them on our 2nd to last club, the one before Senior Night. It gives them an excitement for what’s coming during their freshmen year.

Senior Night

Here are some helpful thoughts for your Senior Club.


  • Make sure you look at your school calendar for dates when there’s no school. 
  • Know when the big school events are and avoid scheduling your cross talk on the night of the big game or chorus concert.
  • Know when there is a half/day or early release.
  • Daylight Savings Time springs forward on Sunday, March 9th, so after that you’ll have more daylight for club!
  • MLK Day is Monday Jan 20th
  • President’s Day is Monday Feb 17th
  • When is your high school Spring Break? If you have college leaders, when’s your college spring break?
  • March Madness is March 18-April 7
  • Good Friday is April 18, Easter April 20
  • Cinco De Mayo is Monday, May 5th
  • Memorial Day is May 26

A Sample Spring 2014 Club Schedule

Jan 13- All School Campaigners (get your committed kids excited)

Jan 20- All Area kickoff event

Jan 27- First normal club- (Person of Christ)

Feb 3- Superbowl Club- (Person of Christ)

Feb 10- Winter Olympics Club (Person of Christ) 

Feb 17- Ms. Valentine’s Pageant (it’s also Pres Day) (Person of Christ) 

Feb 24- 80’s Workout Club at AirBound (Need talk 1) 

March 3- No Club because college spring break

March 10-  Cops N Robbers Club (Need Talk 2)

March 17- Green Club (Sin Talk)

March 24- Young Life’s Got Talent (Cross Talk)

March 31- March Madness Club (Resurrection Talk)

April 7- Luau Club (Appropriation talk 1- senior speaks)

April 14- No club because high school spring break

April 21- Find Your Leader (Monday after spring break-Appropriation talk 2- senior speaks)

April 28- 8th grade club- (Life With Christ/Cost of Relationship talk)

May 5- Senior Night/Cinco De Mayo Club (seniors share)

Below are our spring club schedules for this upcoming semester and from the last couple of years.

Spring 2014

Jan 20- All-City YL WingFest 

Jan 27- Battle of the Sexes Club

Feb 3- Winter Olympics Club

Feb 10- Ms. Valentine’s Pageant

Feb 17- 80’s Workout Club at AirBound

Feb 24- Basic Club

March 3- Surprise Club (Kidnap Club)

March 10- No club (UNCG Spring Break)

March 17- Irish Club

March 24- YL’s Got Talent

March 31- Find Your Senior Club (Seniors hide at local mall)

April 7- Luau Club

April 14- No Club- Spring Break

April 21- Field Day Club

April 28- Middle School Club- (invite an 8th grader and dress like you did when you were in middle schooler)

May 5- Adios Seniors Club (Cinco De Mayo)


Jan 31- All-City Club
Feb 6- Superbowl Club
Feb 13- The Blind Bachelor/Bachelorette Club
Feb 20- YL’s Got Talent (Talent Show)
Feb 27- Game Show Club
March 5- Bounce U Club
March 12- Green Club (St. Patty’s)
March 19- Fear Factor Club
March 26- Find Your Leader Mall Hunt
April 2- Kindergarten Club
April 9-Spring Break- no club
April 16-Muck Wars
April 23-Tacky Prom/8th grade club
April 30- Senior Night


Jan 14- Dodgeball Tournament

Jan 21- No Club (MLK)

Jan 28- All-City Club

Feb 4- Hollywood Club (on the red carpet)

Feb 11- Ms. Valentine’s Pageant (Love Club)

Feb 18- Random Acts of Kindness Club

Feb 25- Yo Mama Club

March 4- Bounce U Club (at an inflatable party zone)

March 11- So You Think You Can Dance Club

March 18- Irish Club

March 25- Luau Club

April 1- No Club (Spring Break)

April 8- Find Your Leader (Scavenger Hunt)

April 15- Duck Dynasty Club

April 22- Fake Injury Club

April 29- Goodwill Club/8th Grade Invite Night

May 6- Senior Night

121 Theme Club Ideas

  1. All-City Club 
  2. Anti-Valentine’s Club
  3. Baby Club
  4. Bachelor/Bachelorette Club
  5. Backwards Club
  6. Bacon Club
  7. Banana Club
  8. Battle of the Sexes Club
  9. Beach Party/Luau Club
  10. Bigger Better Best Club
  11. Birthday Club
  12. Blue Club
  13. Breakfast Club
  14. Bubble Wrap Club
  15. Camo Club
  16. Camp Reunion Club
  17. Chick-Fil-A Club
  18. Christmas Club
  19. Circus Club
  20. Clothespins Club
  21. Clubble
  22. College Club
  23. Cookout Club
  24. Cops and Robbers Club
  25. Corny Club 
  26. Costume Club (Halloween) 
  27. Couch Olympics
  28. Crazy Hair Club
  29. Dating Game Club
  30. Disney Club
  31. Dodgeball Club
  32. Doughnut Olympics
  33. Dubstep Club
  34. Duct Tape Club
  35. 8th Grade Club
  36. 80’s Workout Club
  37. Facebook Club 
  38. Fake Injury Club
  39. Family Feud Club
  40. 50’s Club
  41. Fear Factor Club
  42. Food Olympics Club
  43. Field Day Club
  44. Find Your Leader Club
  45. Flashmob Club
  46. Freshmen Club
  47. Game Show Club
  48. Glee Club
  49. Guy On A Buffalo Club
  50. Harry Potter Club
  51. Hippie Club
  52. Hot Dog Club
  53. Homecoming Club
  54. Hunger Games Club
  55. iClub
  56. Insta-Club
  57. Jock & Jill Club
  58. Kickball Club
  59. Kidnap Club
  60. Little Timmy’s Birthday Club
  61. Love Club/Valentine’s Club
  62. Man vs Wyld(life) Club
  63. Man Crush Monday Club #MCM
  64. Make a Movie Club
  65. March Madness Club
  66. Mean Girls Club 
  67. Merica Club 
  68. Minute 2 Win It Club
  69. Mountain Man Club 
  70. Mustache Club
  71. Mystery Dinner Theater Club
  72. Nerd Club
  73. 90’s Club
  74. Old People Club
  75. Olympics Club
  76. Peanut Butter Club
  77. Post-It-Note Club
  78. Pilgrims vs Indians Club
  79. Pirates vs Ninjas Club
  80. Pizza Olympics
  81. PJ & Pillow Fight Club
  82. Putt-Putt Tourney Club
  83. Rave Club
  84. Red Neck Live
  85. Restaurant Club
  86. Road Rally Club
  87. Rock Star Club/Rock Band
  88. Roll The Dice Club
  89. Senior Club 
  90. Shamrock Club (St. Patty’s Day)
  91. Sharknado Club
  92. Show and Tell Club
  93. Sibling Club
  94. Snapbacks N Tattoos Club
  95. So You Think You Can Dance Club
  96. Super Bowl Club
  97. Super Hero Club
  98. Surf Club
  99. Spring Break Club
  100. Started From The Bottom Club
  101. Tacky Prom Club
  102. Taco Bell Challenge
  103. Teacher Club
  104. Throw-Back-Thursday Club #TBT
  105. Tic-Tac-Toe Club
  106. Toilet Paper Club
  107. Thanksgiving Club 
  108. Twin Club
  109. Water Club
  110. Wheel of Misfortune Club
  111. Whiffleball Club
  112. White-out club
  113. X-Games Club
  114. X-Factor Club
  115. Yearbook Club
  116. Yellow Club
  117. Yo Mama Club
  118. Young Life’s Got Talent
  119. ‘Young Life’ Young Life Club
  120. YouTube Club

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