Costume Club: Halloween Ideas

October 24, 2012

In the past we’ve called this club near Halloween, ‘Costume Club,’ but I think we’ve decided to rename it this year. We’re calling it ‘The Young Life Costume Party,’ just cuz we cray-cray like that. Below are a few club elements you can use.

Entry Music

Here’s a video you could have playing on the screen as kids enter the club room. It’s a Halloween light show to Gangnam Style.

Pre-Club Photo Booth 

Great night to get some solid photos to throw up on Instagram throughout the week. Delegate to a high schooler to shoot the pics and upload them to your YL facebook group.

Free Monster Video

For the next 24 hours you can make a free JibJab Monster video with pics of 5 of your YL kiddos. Use this link.  


Costume Contest
Instead of the usual mixer, hold a costume contest. Build a run-way. Invite everyone wearing costumes to participate. Identify the best costumes before club starts, as those folks cross center stage, pull them aside. Once you have the top 5-10 and everyone else is sitting down, vote by audience applause. Give a good prize.

No Costume Smackdown

You know those folks who are too cool to dress up for Costume Club, well this game is for them. Call up 4 folks without costumes and tell them you found the perfect costume for them to wear, then make them put on a sleeping bag. After they’re wearing sleeping bags have a wrestling match. Pair off 2 at a time, winners face one another for the championship. Just a Costume Club spin on the old sleeping bag wrastlin’ game.

Pumpkin Head

Carve out some real big pumpkins with some funny faces. Cut a hole big enough in the bottom where kids can actually wear them as masks (while holding them). The funny part is the people actually wearing a pumpkin head, once that happens, you can go a few different directions with the game. Either have a running race, which is hard since they can’t see well. Call it the “Pumpkin Run.’  Or you could cover the pumpkin in cake icing or whipped cream and have kids throw Halloween candy at the people wearing pumpkin heads, seeing who can get the most stuck on their pumpkin.

Pumpkin Smash 

If your “Costume Club” happens to fall AFTER Halloween, you can get a good deal on pumpkins. Hold a pre-club “pumpkin smash.”

Candy Apple (Onion) Eating Contest

All you need are 3 apples, 1 onion, 4 popsicle sticks and some caramel coating.  Cover the onion to look like an apple and have that eating contest. Pretty hilarious. Provide milk and breath mints for the contestant who draws the short straw.  

Pumpkin Prize

For one of the games or the costume contest, award a pumpkin with a crown on it as the award for being the ‘Pump-king.”

Background Music (to play on iPod during games)

Superstition (Stevie Wonder)

Rock Lobster (B-52’s) 

Ghost Busters (Ray Parker Jr.)

Monster Mash (Boris Pickett)

Thriller (Michael Jackson)

Club Songs (we’re giving these a shot as club songs)

Thriller (guitar chords) Download the Thriller lyrics on ppt slides here.

Ghost Busters: It’s pretty simple to play on guitar, just five chords. Here’s a guitar chords link. Download the Ghostbusters lyrics on PowerPoint slides here

Lean On Me: We re-wrote a Halloween version. You can download the lyrics and ppt slides here.

Check out more Halloween ideas on doing a Zombie Club from here.

What other suggestions would you add?

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