The Bus Skit: Hilarious Way To Sell Camp

October 25, 2012

Here’s a classic leader skit to help you promote camp.

Leaders set up chairs to pretend they are teenagers riding on a bus to camp.  Act like you’re getting on the bus, wearing backpacks, eating almost empty snacks, listening to ipods, etc…

Skit would work well with 5 leaders: 4 as campers and 1 as the bus driver.

Camper #1 begins to complain about how long the drive is. Another guy camper (camper #2) is trying to hit on the girl camper (camper #3) in the seat in front of him using bad pickup lines. The bus driver keeps telling them to sit down. 

Camper #4 complains about needing to use the bathroom while the bus driver yells and says no one is allowed to use the bus bathroom and they need to hold it. 

Camper #3, who is getting hit on by the guy behind her (camper #2), begins to complain about being hungry, so she asks #2 for food.  He has just finished all his Doritos and his Coke, so he sadly can’t help her. She asks the other campers and no one has any food left. 

#3 asks the bus driver to stop because they’re all hungry and he refuses. 

Camper #1 says that he read online that some toiletry items are safe to eat. 

#3 is grossed out, but #2 is intrigued.  #2 asks  #1 to explain more about this edible toiletry item theory. 

#1 says that he doesn’t really know, he just remembers reading it somewhere. 

In an effort to impress #3, #2 decides to pull out his ‘bathroom kit’ from his backpack.  He looks through the items individually.  He has:

  • a stick of solid deodorant
  • face wash/astringent
  • toothpaste
  • bar of dove soap
  • contact solution 
  • shaving cream

From this point in the skit, you can improvise, but one by one each camper gets hungry enough to start eating the toiletry items.  At first they act grossed out and have to force themselves to eat, but eventually they start liking it and end up singing the chorus of “Just Eat It’‘ by Wierd Al, which has begun playing in the background. 

Here’s the kicker. 

Prior to the skit, you’ve replaced the toiletry items with actual edible items. It takes a lil prep work but is worth it. 

  • Stick of solid deodorant
    • made by emptying an old deo stick, washing it out, melting white chocolate, and then letting it harden in the deo stick. Looks identical. 
  • Face wash/Astringent
    • applejuice
  • Toothpaste
    • Just eat the toothpaste, it’s not going to hurt you. 
  • Bar of Dove Soap
    • also made using melted white chocolate that you let harden into a soap container so it forms the similar shape. You can pretend its been used before, makes it even better.
  • Contact Solution 
    • water or sprite
  • Shaving Cream
    • whipped cream, but it’s difficult to find a can you can remove the lid and replace. I think we left this out last time we did it.

If you have any other toiletry item suggestions, please comment below! Enjoy.

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