Fake Injury Club

March 23, 2011

We have tried some new “themed clubs” this semester, one of them being “Fake Injury Club.” I was honestly a lil disappointed that more kids did not dress up, but I think it was a good reminder to me if we want theme clubs to be successful, we have to prep kids with easy and doable ideas. With so many of them coming directly from spring sports practices, its tougher to get “dressed up” for club.Here is a powerpoint that we used in club,Feel free to download it, edit it, and use it yourself. If you have any trouble or questions, just comment below.Here’s our schedule for how the night ran:


7:30-kids start to arrive

7:57-Doors open

8:00-Tonight yes tonight

8:01- Break your heart (fake injury version)

8:05- Buttercup

8:10-“Full body cast” Mixer

8:15- Announce/New Leader intro

8:22-Sleeping bag wrestling with Thupids Run-on- jig wid it

8:28- Video (that kids made of themselves getting fake injured at school)

8:31- The classic YL doctors office skit

8:31-Titanic Remake (fake injury version that we wrote)

8:35-Light the fire

8:40-megan intro

8:55-club over

After one of our team prayer nights we were all hanging out and had fun writing this song for fake injury club together to the tune of Titanic. The lyrics are in the powerpoint above.

Every Night in my dreams
I fall down the staircase
Then I wake up in the ER.
Blood coagulating around my lips and nose
Dripping down my face and my clothes.

Near, far, where is the ER.
I have fallen down and I can’t get up.
Doc-tors I can’t feel my butt
And I can’t even fart
And the bleeding goes on and on.

Pain can touch you one time and last for a lifetime
You thought that I was injured, I’m not.
I was only faking
To get some attention
Cause a nurse in the ER is hott.

Some suggestions for costumes: eye black, old crutches of casts, ketchup as blood, toilet paper as cast, neck braces, black out front teeth with sharpie (it washes off if u brush your teeth), etc…What do you do for fake injury club? Share any funny ideas in the comments.

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