Corny Club: One Of The Greatest Games You’ve Never Used In Club

January 4, 2013

Corny Club Ideas

We’ve actually never done ‘Corny Club’ but after seeing the How To Eat Corn In Ten Seconds video below, the brain storm started flowin’. 

Skit Characters 

Cornelius and Cornwallis, dedicated corn farmers, enter wearing overalls, ears of corn duct taped over their ears, and riding on uni-‘corns.(Take a horse and duct tape an ear of corn to make it a horn.) They use jokes like ‘that’s cornier than my grandma’s feet’ and ‘can you corn over here for a minute.’

Club Games

The Corn Drill 

This club game is completely inspired by the YouTube video: How To Eat Corn In Ten Seconds. All you need are 3 power drills, 3 ears of corn, and 3 volunteers willing to eat corn spinning at 120mph. The rest is explained in the video below. 

  • Corn Shuckin’ Race (With feet)
  • Corn Dog Eating Contest
  • Candy Corn or Popcorn Toss
  • Mini-Corn Maze: Made of ears of corn and race small rodents through it.  

Club Songs

  • Corn In The USA
  • Corn This Way (Born This Way, Lady Gaga Parody)  


My mama told me when I was young
“You have to eat your vegetables.
Now go and put those niblets on your fork.”
But I won’t be conventional.

I grabbed a toothpick and poked the corn
And then I ate ’em one by one
My mama stood there just watching me,
Until the kernels were all gone

I eat ’em like that to this day
And yes I just gotta say
Nothing’s gonna stop me
Eating corn this way
I eat three ears a day
It’s all I eat at buffets
Nothing’s gonna stop me
Eating corn this way.

Ooo, there are so many ways
I eat my corn every day
You know, I’ll eat my corn this way!
I just don’t know what to say
My appetite won’t go away
Nothing’s gonna stop me
Eating corn this way 

I’ll eat popcorn right off the string
Squirt the juice on chicken wings
And not worry about a thing
Just eat-

Now I’m grown up and I love to eat
I’d give anything for a stalk
And I see people just watching me
And I hear the diner owners talk

It’s not weird so much as original
I eat my cob with a spoon.
Sure, you can try to give me therapy
But hurry up, it is dinner soon.

Don’t even try to delay,
The cravings I must obey
Nothing’s gonna stop me
Eating corn this way
Smear cream corn on my face
Get injections of maize
Nothing’s gonna stop me
Eating corn this way

I will eat it by the tray
I am not even ashamed
To continue eating corn this way!
I know you hater’s gonna hate
But why don’t you just go away
‘Cause nothing’s gonna stop me
Eating corn this way

I think that I should say
That I’m a little afraid
I can’t prevent myself from
Eating corn this way
This addiction’s killing me
Cravings won’t let me be
Looks like I’ll never stop
Eating corn this way

What other corny ideas do you have?

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