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Glee Club

Jock & Jill Club

Guys come dressed as athlete jocks in uniforms, gals come dressed ultra girly or even cheerleaders. Sing “Boys of Fall” by Kenny Chesney. Have an arm-wrastlin’ tournament and at the last minute announce its for gals instead of fellas.

Taco Bell Challenge

The Challenge: To eat one of every item on the Taco Bell Menu. Here’s a video of some YL guys taking the challenge. Here’s a video from Rhett & Link to possibly use in promoting the event. More from

Costume Club

One of the annual favorites around Halloween. Pre-Club Photo Booth Great night to get good photos. Delegate to a high schooler to shoot the pics and upload them to facebook. Costume Contest Instead of the usual mixer, hold a costume contest. Build a run-way. Invite everyone wearing costumes to participate. Identify the best costumes before club starts, as…

Mustache Club


Simple idea, but could be complicated to pull off well. Play games that kids play on iPhones. Do a live 3D version of Words With Friends (with cardboard scrabble pieces). You can get the labels from Get some kids to learn, play, and sing the song “More Than Words (With Friends)” Play life size Angry Birds (with…

How To Play “Ga-ga”

This game is always fun for all ages, but would work especially well at a Wyldlife club. It was submitted by Michelle Perri. Thanks Michelle! GA-GA You will need: -6 10ft long wood or laminate planks -hinges to connect planks together -drill and parts necessary to build -tennis ball Drill holes in both ends of the each plank…

How To Play “Death Hack” (“3 & a Peg”)

Christmas Club Ideas

Songs: 1. As a mixer, use the song “12 days of Christmas” and divide your club into 6 groups. Group 1 will have “the 1st day of Christmas and the 7th day of Christmas, Group 2 will have day 2 and day 8, etc… Personalize the song to fit your club. Ex: If you took kids to Crooked…