Theme Club Ideas

Drew Hill January 25, 2011

If you are procrastinating in club planning for the spring and need some theme ideas, here you go. The first list is a typical schedule you could do this spring and below that are some other options to substitute in.

Feb 7- Superbowl Club: Day after superbowl, dress footbally, do an actual bowling contest with a fake bowling ball and rubber bins, superbowl trivia, sing National Anthem to start, brown balloon pop, half-time show, pre-made superbowl commericials

Feb 14-Love Club: On or around Valentines Day, use Antonio Amore character (come out to the song “That’s Amore” and his line is “I do not push, I do not shove, I am as sweet as a turtle dove, I get my looks from the man above, my name’s Amore, my name means love), Dating Game/Singled Out, conversation hearts game,Speed Dating Mixer, Newlywed Game, blindfolded feel the legs and guess the guy game,Dr Phil love advice (pickup lines)

Feb 21-Disney Club: Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid), In the Jungle (Lion King), Costume Contest, Movie Poster Trivia

Feb 28-Fake Injury Club: Sing “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz, show Fail videos, do fake 2×4 skydiving, sleeping gag wrestling, staring contest, Dr’s Office Skit, run-on characters get injured, etc…

March 7- March Madness Club: kids come dressed in their favorite school colors, play indoor knockout basketball with nerf goals, fill out tourny brackets, indoor dunk contests, have video going of bball hi-lites

March 14-St. Patty’s Club or Ms. Shamrock- (St. Pattys day is Thurs March 17, 2011). Have a contest where senior gals participate in a Ms. Shamrock pageant (like Mr. Christmas Tree for the guys), shoot lucky charms out of your nose, Host for the night is Patty O’furniture

March 21-Talent Show Club: Call it “Titans’ Got Talent” (substitute your school’s mascot), allow kids chance to showcase real talent, prizes for winners–Get old TV paint it gold, have tryouts, get diversity of talent, grades, gender. Limit time to 3 mins/person or group.

March 28- Do a non-club event like Bigger Better Best or Find your leader at a local mall

April 4- Youtube Club- remake viral videos, have popcorn, treat the night like you’re in a movie theatre

April 11-Bubble Club- use bubble wrap, bubble gum sculptures, biggest bubble contest, get creative

April 18-Wipeout Beach Party- create outdoor games like the TV show Wipeout, have kids wear leis and flowered shirts, swim trunks, shades, sunscreen, play volleyball before

April 25-No Club due to Spring Break

May 2- Tacky Prom- dance contest, crown Prom king and queen, prom photos, etc…

May 9- Senior Club- Seniors run club and talk


Harry Potter Club
Twin Club

Backwards Club

Kidnap Club

Breakfast Club

Little Timmy’s birthday

Cops and Robbers Club

Mustache Club

Hip-Hop Club

Ice Cold

Glow Club

Blacklight Club

Fear Factor

Minute 2 Win It Club

Bigger Better Best Club

Find Your Leader Club

Baby Club

Nerd Club

Couch Olympics

Pizza Olympics

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