New Club Song “FIREWORK” & thoughts on drums at club

February 4, 2011

Katy Perry’s new song “Firework” works great as a club song.
If you’re not familiar with it, you can listen and learn it here:

Download a printable PDF of the correct guitar chords here:

Download a powerpoint of the lyrics here:

I’d also suggest using drums, or a djembe, or some kind of rhythm instrument, even a bass guitar. Songs like this sound tons better if you have someone keeping a beat with it. This song has a simple beat to play and might even be a good chance to involve a club kid who could use some stage time. Even giving a kid (who can keep a simple beat) a metal trash can lid and a stick adds some fun. Have the drummer start playing softly during the intro to the chorus, getting louder as the chorus progresses. Really coming in strong at the 1:11 minute on the song.

Most club spots are too small for the noise of a drum set, so a cool alternative option is buying a drum box/ cajon (pronounced “kah-hone”) for $100. got a cool snare and bass sound and you sit on it while playing.

Feel free to comment below. I’ll try to post some ideas for LUV CLUB coming up on Valentine’s Day in the next week.

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