New Club Song: Guaranteed to ROCK!

April 6, 2011

Rebecca Black’s new viral YouTube hit “Friday” is already up to 86 MILLION views. Kids love it, but publicly say they hate it. I asked one of my YL guys to help me rewrite the lyrics to use at club and below is what we came up with. Feel free to edit the lyrics to make them fit with your club. We did it in club this week and the kids loved it. Great opener song! The trick is learning it well enough so that you can lead it well.

In case you haven’t seen the original yet, its here.

Here is a very rough version of the new song we wrote. Trust me, it sounds much better with a room full of high schoolers rockin’ out!

Below is a lyric/chord sheet that you can download for your song leaders in club.

Guitar Chords and Lyrics for “Monday” (YL version of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”)

Below is a PowerPoint that you can download to use in club. MONDAY YL Club song version of Rebecca Black’s Friday (powerpoint)

Please comment below with any lyric change suggestions or other thoughts.

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