December 7, 2010

Simple idea, but could be complicated to pull off well. Play games that kids play on iPhones.

Do a live 3D version of Words With Friends (with cardboard scrabble pieces). You can get the labels from YLHelp.com.

Get some kids to learn, play, and sing the song “More Than Words (With Friends)”

Play life size Angry Birds (with red and green kick balls and painted bird and monsters faces), etc… Check out this video where one youth group went all out on this.

Have a live Twitter feed up on the screen during club and assign kids to Tweet about every single detail as its happening at club.

Use iPods to have kids sing “Junkyard Karaoke.”

“iClub” might go well with a sin talk, relating how sin is simply s-I-n, putting “I” as the center of our life instead of God. Maybe that’s too cheesy, but I think its something kids might remember.

Here’s thelink to an iClub outline from YLhelp.com

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