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Joe & Ryan at Castaway Club: My Favorite Version Of ‘How He Loves’

Camp speaker Matt Margaron recently shared this video of Joe, a camper from Kansas, and camp musician Ryan Ahlwardt leading worship on the last night of camp at Castaway last month. Make sure you watch until the end and listen to Joe’s words. Beautiful. How He Loves – Joe and Ryan (Young Life Castaway Club Talent Show 2014)…

Crooked Creek Session 2 Program Team Video: A Stroke Of Genius

If you need a good laugh… If you’re missing Young Life camp today… If you’ve always wanted to see Steve Chesney rap… Be inspired by this beautiful work of art: Crooked Creek Session 2 Program Team Camp Tour Video Young Life – Crooked Creek – Camp Tour 2014 from Alex Widmer Video on Vimeo.

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My Favorite Summer Camp Idea: Random Bus Passenger

A few years ago we found out we were getting a new leader in our area. He was moving to our city just a few weeks before camp. Instead of letting him jump in right away, we came up with a fun way to introduce him to the kids. Another leader in our area had a relative who…

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Summer Camp Program Opera Lip-Sync

This song just screams… “You know you wanna lip-sync to me in the program opera at Young Life camps this summer!” ) What other songs do you think are winners to include in summer program? Comment below or email me here and we’ll compile a list to share.

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The Complete Guide To A YL’d Bus Ride

Some of us have LONG bus rides to summer camp. Instead of just enduring the ride, why not make it one of the highlights of the trip? If you haven’t read the 4-part blog series from last summer, “A Better Bus Ride To Camp,” you can find it at these links below: A Better Bus Ride To Camp:…

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Young Life Daddy Daughter Dance

Summer Camp Promo: Thrift Shop

YL leaders in Raleigh, NC recently made this hilarious camp video. Check out their remix of ‘Thrift Shop’ to promo ‘Sharptop.’ Here are some other incredible summer camp promo videos: Best Week of Your Life All I Do Is Blob Avengers DirectTV Parody Austin West Have you made a camp promo video worth sharing? Leave the link in…

Family Camp Song Suggestions

Our Weekend Family Camp is coming up in a few weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions for songs to do in club? So far here are some ideas we already have: Party in the USA What Makes You Beautiful Baby by Bieber Twist and Shout Sweet Caroline Smile by Uncle Kracker Go Bananas song Blindman Sing Alleluia Prince…