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Tips On Saying Goodbye: Make Friends LIKE You’re Going To Know Them The Rest Of Your Life

The Campies: An End Of Year Campaigners Tradition

Summer Movies: Opening Dates 2013

A YL Leader’s Guide To Prom Season

Originally posted Spring 2012. Prom season is upon us. Below are a few ways we as Young Life leaders can serve our high school friends, parents, and school administrations. PRE-PROM Dress/Tux Shopping  Go shopping with them. Do you think your high school friend would rather go to Men’s Warehouse with his YL leader or his mom? It’s a…

Vine: Instagram for Video

If you’re a YL leader, you’ve probably already caught onto the quickly spreading trend of Vine, a 6-second movie version of Instagram.  Instead of just sharing a photo on Instagram, you can share a short looping video.  It’s a fun and easy way to share Young Life club highlights, clips from the high school soccer game, and funny…

Creating a Campaigners Group in 5 Months

Young Life Wing Fest

Lumberjack Week: Taking No-Shave November One Step Further

Contact Work Deals Of The Week: #TacoBell & #Chipotle

Contact Work Accountability Questions

In our YL team leader meeting yesterday our Area Director asked us to talk through the following questions with our YL teams. How many times was your team at the school this week collectively? What ‘outside of school’ contact work was done this week?  How many ‘one on one’s did your team do? What have you done to…

The Truth About Contact Work: Part 2

That awkward moment when a Young Life leader forgets your name.   The Truth About Contact Work: Part 2, a 2 minute video.      If you missed the first one, here’s the link to ‘The Truth About Contact Work: Part 1.’

Prom Season: A Young Life Leaders Guide

Prom season is upon us. Here are a few ways we as Young Life leaders can serve our high school friends, parents, and administration. PRE-PROM Dress/Tux Shopping  Go shopping with them. Do you think your YL guy would rather go with his leader or his mom to Men’s Wearhouse? It’s a toss up, but for the female YL…

Dirty Feet

Last week we had a ‘Maundy Thursday’ service at church. The term ‘Maundy‘ comes from the Latin ‘mandatum,’ from which we get ‘mandate.’  It’s the first word in the Latin translation of John 13:34, “A new commandment I give you, that you love one another as I have loved you.”   Each year during Holy Week we celebrate this…

XtraNormal: A Video Tool With Hilarious Potential

Is Young Life Really For EVERY Kid?

This guest post was written by Julie Wisch in Chicagoland, IL. Julie has been a volunteer leader for five years, yet is commonly mistaken for a Junior in high school. While summer interning at Timber Wolf Lake she set a bike intern record by falling off her bike fourteen times in front of campers. You can read more…

“More Than Words” (With Friends)

I use Google Reader as my RSS feed to follow a few other Youth Ministry blogs. (If you would like to subscribe to The Young Life Leader Blog via Google Reader, just click this link.) Yesterday in my Reader I discovered the hilarious video below on After I watched it, I sent the video link to two…

Eight Seconds

Why We Do What We Do

Two videos. Two stories. The first is one of desperation. The second, one of hope. Thanks to Andy Thompson, leader in Littleton, CO for sharing the first video and to Catherine Roach, YL leader in Winston-Salem, NC for allowing us to share her story on the YLLB. What videos can you share that have moved your heart? Please…

Brilliant Idea For Prizes At Club

Your “Best Times” With Kids?

Woody Allen said that “Ninety percent of life is just showing up.” While that is very true, there is also a lot of strategy to doing smart contact work. What are your “best times” with kids? Friday Afternoons This past Friday afternoon the bell rang as I was walking into the high school. My arrival collided with their…

A Non-Negotiable In Young Life

Contact Work by Tom HammonIf there is a NON-NEGOTIABLE in Young Life (apart, obviously, from the absolute centrality of Christ), it is CONTACT WORK. Real contact work is hard…draws us to Christ…is lonely…is uncomfortable…costs in time and reputation…can be misunderstood…takes tremendous tenacity. Real contact work is not an occasional visit to the school…not hanging with familiar friendly Christians…

Should YL Leaders Own iPhones?

It’s been ten months since I made the plunge into the iWorld. Last night I spent thirty minutes debating with a YL leader friend around the issue of her buying an iPhone versus staying old school. With the release of the iPhone 5 just around the corner, and the price of the iPhone 4 dropping to $199, others…

Free Coldstone Tonight

Jon Acuff, Andre Johnson, & Wasting Time