Using ‘Pitch Perfect’ Cups To Memorize Scripture In Campaigners

November 4, 2013

Today’s guest post is from Michelle Prillaman. Michelle is a Young Life leader in Greensboro, NC and part of The Greensboro Fellows Program.

A few weeks ago I decided to use the “cup song” idea (from the movie Pitch Perfect) to help my high school friends memorize scripture at Campaigners. We used John 15:5, and essentially rapped out the verse with the beat of the cups. 

Cups Scripture Memory Video

It was interactive, fun for my friends, and truthfully really helpful- every time I think of that verse now I hear it to the beat of the cups in my head!

As leaders, we balance being in the world with our high school friends, but also being set apart. The way that we use social media and pop culture is a huge way that we meet kids where they are and participate in what they are interested in. We also have to be careful to not cross the line in promoting values contrary to what we ultimately are trying to communicate. It can be messy business, trying to figure out the lines between the two. 

Be Wise 

I have not always done this perfectly- there have been times where I have left a movie night with my high school friends and felt convicted about watching a movie that seemed harmless but in retrospect promoted values that I don’t believe in. The things we participate in with our high school friends communicate more about ourselves than we realize. Kids follow us by example- the way that we live our lives is the most powerful testimony we have to offer.

Use Pop Culture

Using pop culture in your ministry can be super effective. Going where kids are, entering their worlds, building friendship and trust so that ultimately we can lead them into a relationship with Jesus. Where are our high school friends? They are hanging out on the weekends watching Pitch Perfect. They are instagramming like nobody’s business. They are rockin’ out to “Roar” and “Wake Me Up.” Knowing what our friends are interested in and investing in it will only help us to invest in them more.

Thanks for sharing Michelle! I can’t wait to take my senior guys Campaigner group to Panera and memorize verses out loud using cups. 

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