Jlub: Jean Club

November 5, 2013

Idea submitted by YL leader Tiffany Stanley.

What To Wear To Club

Denim, and more denim. 

Wear jorts (jean shorts), Jeggings(Jean leggings), Jirts (jean skirts), Jats (jean hats), etc. 

Skit Characters

Have a guy named Gene and a gal named Jean host the evening. Sometimes they should look sad and ask one another “Why ya so blue, Gene?”


Have a leader or student learn this song and play it as a special performance at club. Skinny Jeans by Andy Gullahorn


Ones of the games we played- we took a three pairs of jeans, slightly wet them and put them in the freezer so by club the pants were “jrozen jeans.” We called 3 people up and the first person to “melt” and put on their jeans won. It was fun watching the different ways they tried to defrost the jeans as the hurried to beat the other players.

What other ideas can you add? Comment below.

Also, it’s time to start planning ‘Catching Fire Club’ for the week of November 18th, when the next Hunger Games movie hits theaters. Find club planning details here

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