A Powerful Banquet Video From Lake Norman Young Life

November 6, 2013

If you’re looking for a powerful video concept for your YL banquet, check out this idea from Ben McDaniel and Lake Norman Young Life. 

The video is 10 mins long. If you have time to watch it, do so. If not, I’ll explain the punch line below. But don’t read below if you’re going to watch the video. It’ll ruin the surprise. 

Lake Norman Banquet Video

Lake Norman YL Banquet Video – “Retelling the Age-Old Story” from LAKE NORMAN YL on Vimeo.


Ben interviewed five different guys whose lives had been impacted by Young Life. Each of the guys talked about their Young Life leader, but never mentioned their names. The interviews are mixed up in order throughout the video, and the reveal happens at the 9 minute mark.

Tyler says, “My name is Tyler Peterson and I’m so thankful for my YL leader, Ben McDaniel.”

Ben says, “My name is Ben McDaniel and I’m so thankful for my YL leader, Mike Fowler.”

Mike says, “My name is Mike Fowler and I’m so thankful for my YL leader, Mal McSwain.”

Mal says, “My name is Mal McSwain and I’m so thankful for my YL leader, Frog Sullivan.”

And it would’ve been sweet to get Frog on there saying, “My name is Frog Sullivan and I’m so thankful for my YL leader, Jim Rayburn.”

What an incredible legacy.

While watching the first 8 minutes of the video, the viewer doesn’t realize each of the guys are talking about the others being interviewed. 

It’s a powerful and emotional reveal.

Jesus invested in a few.

Those 12 poured their lives into others. 

And now, 2000 years later, the age-old story continues to be told.

Here’s another well done banquet video from Jacque Abadie and South Jeffco YL in Colorado.

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