50 Contact Work Ideas

October 6, 2014

  1. Starbucks and Pinterest 
  2. Kick field goals
  3. Find a radar gun and clock guys throwing baseball pitches after school
  4. Volunteer to sign in students at the late sign in desk 
  5. Offer free hair buzzes (check with parents first)
  6. Picnic in the park
  7. Be a substitute teacher 
  8. Run with the cross country team
  9. Take guys fishing 
  10. Have a contest throwing frisbees through field goal posts
  11. Organize a game of flag football or ultimate frisbee
  12. Plan a sleepover
  13. Paint your chests and go cheer at the JV game (Guys only)
  14. Mani-pedis
  15. Babysit together to raise money for camp
  16. Have a hair dying party (with parental
  17. Shoot and edit a video for club
  18. Help build the set for the school play
  19. Plan a camping trip
  20. Volunteer assistant coach a team
  21. Carve a pumpkin
  22. Surprise wake them up and take them to breakfast
  23. Offer after school tutoring 
  24. Volunteer together at the soup kitchen
  25. Play foot golf
  26. Bonfire and s’mores
  27. Cook dinner for another Campaigners group
  28. Road trip to the state fair
  29. Surprise your area director and take some kids to rake his/her leaves
  30. Play frisbee golf at the local college
  31. Fill someone’s car with balloons the night before their birthday
  32. Volunteer to chaperone a field trip
  33. Go to a professional baseball, football, basketball, hockey game
  34. Double date 
  35. Take piano lessons together
  36. Go pick apples
  37. Take them with you to church
  38. Kick it old school and go roller skating 
  39. Driving range or putt-putt 
  40. Invite them to study at your college library
  41. Ask a kid to teach you something new (how to edit videos, play guitar, throw a fastball)
  42. Play racquetball
  43. Save $15 and do a thrift store shopping spree
  44. Learn a new board game together
  45. Go to the zoo
  46. Look at upcoming concerts and pick one to attend
  47. Play Stickball
  48. Visit the pet store or animal shelter
  49. Plan a KanJam or Spikeball tourney
  50. Grab some friends and hammocks and build an eno village

19 More Contact Work Ideas 

Shared by Ashton Zager, Food Services at Windy Gap & YL leader in Buncombe Co, NC. You can read her blog at girlgonewife.blogspot.com.

1. Go wrap another Yl leader’s house…or Saran wrap their car…or put pink flamingos in the yard 

2. Visit a haunted house and pee your pants 

3. Have them teach you how to do make up…because most of my high school friends are way more put together than I am. 

4. Volunteer at an animal shelter as an excuse to kiss on cute puppies 

5. Take them go to buy goldfish. Put a wager on whoever gets their fish to live the longest 

6. Relive middle school and go try on fancy homecoming dresses just for giggles 

7. Have a themed movie marathon 

8. Make big cookie. Or 3 of them. Make sure and eat them straight out of the tin like you do at camp 

9. Have a poker night. Which will most likely mean teaching them how to play poker 

10. Decorate shirts and go all out with school spirit at their football game this week 

11. Have a board game night 

12. Have a craft night. You can usually find canvases and paint on sale at Michaels 

13. Go on a hike 

14. Go thrifting 

15. Pick out a recipe and cook a fancy meal 

16. Teach them to knit or some other activity you’re proficient in

17. Go play putt-putt 

18. Have a one roll night with a list of consequences 

19. Go to a local restaurant that has a food challenge. Example: a steak that becomes free if you eat it all or a really spicy wing that might make you throw up

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