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New Songs for Need Talks

There are two new pop songs that could be helpful in helping kids understand our brokenness and need for the cross and resurrection. You could use them during a need/sin talk or even to launch a Campaigners discussion. John Mayer’s “I Guess I Just Feel Like“ I guess I just feel like Nobody’s honest Nobody’s true Everyone’s lying…

A Sin Talk Illustration from Black Panther

Sin Talk Illustration: Crab Trap

This video below could be a helpful illustration to use with a “sin talk” or Campaigners discussion starter. Underwater Footage of a Crab Trap Isn’t that how sin typically works? It lures us in with a promise it never fulfills. Much like the serpent in the garden of Eden. If you just take a bite, all your troubles will go away….

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Hang Glider Need/Sin Talk Illustration

With enough effort, we can accomplish anything. At least that’s the promise of the American dream. The lie is…  We can be our own gods. We don’t need God.  We don’t need His power. We have our own will power.  In a need or sin talk, it’s important to illustrate how our own power fails us. To show…