YL Capernaum: Helpful Visuals For Club Talks

February 11, 2016

Written by Stafford Craymer.

Our friends in Capernaum can experience the gospel in deeper ways when we consider engaging as many senses as possible during a club talk. It’s for this reason that visuals are so important for our friends. When you have clear scripture, great visuals and an engaging talk that follows the YL talk progression- you’re shooting for excellence in your club talk and honoring your friends, no matter where they are.

Here are some great examples of how to engage your friends’ senses during a talk…

Jesus Healing Leper

Rub peanut butter or dirt on your hands and ask if kids would give you a high 5 or hug. This is the way the leper felt, but Jesus went and touched him and changed his life.

Jesus feeding 5000 

Get a TON of pizza boxes. Have 1 pizza box on one side and a TON of others on the other side. Ask if everyone could eat enough pizza from one pizza box. Jesus took a little bit of food and fed a ton of people (and even had leftovers – point to the other side with all the pizza boxes).

Jesus calming storm

Have a boat there of a cardboard cut out of a boat. If you are able, use the storm soundtrack and turn it off when you say “quiet, be still”.

Jesus healing blind man

Use a bandanna. Talk about how this man’s life was always in the dark. Once he meets Jesus he is able to see light, but not only that, he meets the light of the world.


Use a big globe or mirrors – We were created in God’s image so we all look a little bit like God.

Water into Wine

Have a glass of dirty water and a glass of grape juice. The first glass was what the water looked like before Jesus (would you want to drink it?) and the second glass is what it looked like after Jesus (would you want to drink it?)

Miraculous catch of fish

Have a big net (you can use a bed sheet) up there with you. When you get to the part when it talks about the nets breaking and splitting, actually rip the nets.

Capernaum story

Have 2 cut out hearts (one black and one red). Talk about how when Jesus says your sins are forgiven, he was looking and talking to his heart which was black (like all of ours). Jesus is offering him and us a new heart (red). Then you can talk/act out the rest of the scene as well.


Have props of what are the things that we go to for life (basketball, dress, money, cell phones). These things will never fill you up or satisfy you.


2 chair illustration. I also do a box illustration. You have one medium box that says “You”. You have 2 big boxes (one with “Sin” and one with “God”) and 2 small boxes (one with “Sin” and one with “God”). You put the small “God” box in the medium “You” box and then put both of those in the big “God” box – We were created to have God inside of us and we were created to be in God. Then you take those out and talk about how we have placed sin inside of us and we are inside of sin…There is nothing that we can do on our own to get sin out of us and there is nothing we can do on our own to get ourselves out of sin…we are in need of a rescue.

Sin and Cross

Get charcoal or dirt and smear it all over your hands and face. This is what sin does to us. When we try to get rid of it on our own, it just gets worse. We need someone who will help us and wash our sins away (have wipe).


Have a tent to represent the tomb.

Have some other great visuals that engage your friends senses? Send them our way!

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