Welcoming & Initiating New Leaders

February 12, 2016

In many Young Life areas around the country it’s that exciting time of year when new leaders are being placed on teams. What are some creative ways to welcome, ‘initiate,’ and introduce them at club?

Egg Roulette

You could follow in the footsteps of Jimmy Fallon, Peyton Manning and Magic Johnson and have your new leaders play Egg Roulette in front of club. See video here

Bad Lip Reading

Check out this ‘Bad Lip Reading’ video that Bull City YL made to introduce their new leaders at club. It’s quite hilarious! 


Below are some more suggestions from leaders around the

Delivery Guy/Gal

“Order pizza during club the “pizza guy/girl”
shows up and decides to stay for club… and it’s really your new leader.”
-Lucas Westblade

Leader Choice Awards

We did “Leaders Choice Awards” (like an awards show) and it was great! Leader teams
announced the “winners” – it was a hit! -Elizabeth
Cox (@Elizabethmcox) 

Random Traditions

“When we got new leaders my first year we forgot to get them a gift, so we
went to Walmart and got them 99 cent fish. On the way to the high school, we
stopped by a bridge and threw the fish into a lake. We did that throughout the
3 years I was a leader.” -Brett Eckler (@Breckler23) 


“Walk through a wall of leadership (pictures of previous leaders), pray
over them, then surprise with a fun celebration.” -Chris
Schneider (@Truth101)

Other Ideas

  • Have
    kids roll their car during club.
  • Syrup
    or Ketchup chugging contest. (via Danny Oulette)
  • Get
    baby pictures of them to show at club.
  • Stalk
    their Facebook profile and show any embarrassing pics of them.
  • “Go
    with the classic pie to the face.” (Brad Schmitt)
  • Set
    them up to be heroes. Find out if they can do any stupid human tricks or
    cool skillz and set them up to show it off at club.
  • My
    personal favorite idea is The
    Random Bus Passenger
    . If you get a new leader at the right time to
    pull this off, ideally before weekend or summer camp. You could also tweak
    the idea and do it in town, taking kids to Mickey D’s after club one

How do you ‘welcome’ new leaders in your area? Email us here and we’ll add the
ideas to the post. 

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