Hang Glider Need/Sin Talk Illustration

February 21, 2013

With enough effort, we can accomplish anything.

At least that’s the promise of the American dream.

The lie is… 

We can be our own gods.

We don’t need God. 

We don’t need His power.

We have our own will power. 

In a need or sin talk, it’s important to illustrate how our own power fails us. To show how we need Someone who never will fail us.

This video is a short and sweet opener to illustrate that point.

There are tons of other ‘fail’ videos online that are hilarious. I like this one because of the song that plays with it, “I Believe I Can Fly.” 

We either believe:




When we arrive at the latter and become convinced our own efforts will always fail us, only then can we realize that we NEED Jesus.

We don’t go to the doctor until we’re convinced we’re sick.

That’s the job of a need/sin talk. To remind us all that we have a disease we can not cure. And there’s only One who can. 

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