You Might Be A Young Life Leader If…

February 21, 2013



You can’t check Instagram on M or W bc your high school friends post too many inappropriate pictures.  #ManCrushMonday #WomenCrushWednesday

You might be a @younglifeleader if you own more than 15 hawaiian shirts or spatulas #allcampvolleyballtournament

#youmigtbeayounglifeleader if you regularly schedule things at random times besides club and campaigners- Dinner @ 5:42pm?

If your idea of a nutritious fall friday night meal is a hot dog, stadium nachos, and a blow pop you might be a YL leader.

If you have had window chalk on your back windsheild for over a year then you might be a @YoungLifeLeader

you are not that much older than your high school friends you lead, but
still call them your kids, you might be a @YoungLifeLeader!

If you have to explain to kids why you have two full marching band uniforms in your trunk then your probably a YL leader.

#youmigtbeayounglifeleader if the contents of your trunk are: skates, life jackets and a trash bag full of stuffed animals

If you have a box of dress up clothes and you’re in your 20s you might as well be a YoungLife leader.

If you’ve ever bought more than a hundred goldfish at once, you might be a @YoungLifeLeader

#YoumightbeaYoungLifeLeader if it seems normal to eat your dessert at a restaurant without using your hands.

You might be a YL when you take your bf/gf to a high school basketball game for date night… after Chipotle

might be a @younglifeleader if you are still selling pizza kits and
cookie dough at age 26 #Camp #Bestweekofmyhighschoolfriendslives

#youmightbeayounglifeleader if you drive a mini-van and have no kids of your own.

If you can’t sleep on Sunday nights because you know club is on Monday you might be a #YoungLifeLeader

If you own Chacos, Toms, Five Finger shoes, NorthFace and Patagonia Items an love Jesus! Your prolly a #Younglife leader

If you have no money, and still pay for EVERYONE’S food… you might be a @YoungLifeLeader #aftercampproblems

If you’re 23 and you catch yourself using highschool lingo in everyday conversation, you might be a @YoungLifeLeader.

If you shove your brand new couch in the back of a pickup, just to take pictures, you might be a @YoungLifeLeader

youmightbeaylleader if you spend every afternoon in the car pool lane and have no kids of your own

If you’re blowing all your money on coffee dates with highschoolers, you might be a @YoungLifeLeader

You might be a @YoungLifeLeader if you hear a funny story and say, “that would be great for a talk!”

You might be a @YoungLifeLeader if you make it into the hs yearbook at any age above 20.

If you are accustomed to getting weird looks at the Wal-Mart checkout line for what you are buying.

If you eat at Chick-fil-A 2-3 times a week you might be a YL Leader

You might be a @YoungLifeLeader if the highlight of your week is a Tyler Perry movie marathon with girls on a Friday night.

if you’ve eaten weird stuff in front of a group just for fun, you might be a @YoungLifeLeader

If you get a wig as a Christmas present from your area director, you might be a @YoungLifeLeader.

know youre a @YoungLifeLeader & teacher when you spend most of your
planning period working out club details and enjoy it #totalYLmove

You might be a YL leader if your car is full of costumes, camp flyers and Sonic bags.

If you had to tear down a wall in your kitchen to make room for more kids to eat at the table you might be a @YoungLifeLeader

You know you’re a @YoungLifeLeader when you’re excited to set your alarm for 5am on a Friday to “Wake Kids Up with YL”

If you’re 22 and attending middle school sports yet aren’t related to any of the players you might be a Wyldife leader.

You might be a Young Life leader, if… You know ALL the lyrics to more than one Miley Cyrus songs.

If a large majority of your timeline posts are RT’s from @totalYLmove @YoungLife or @YoungLifeLeader you might be a #YLleader.

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