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Club Talk Progression With Scriptures

Clue Club

Christmas Contact Work Ideas


The Pillow Fighting Game: A Mix Between Dodgeball and Chess

We saw this amazing video of Japanese Pillow Fighting and thought it has great potential to be a funny club game/mixer! The game, a mix between dodgeball and chess, has become increasingly popular in Japan, and we can see why! To begin, divide into two teams, selecting one player to be “the king” and one to be “the…

Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt

Tons of Christmas Club Ideas and Tips for Your Mr. Christmas Tree Pageant

80’s Club Ideas

10 Ideas for Turkey Club

PSL vs The Internet: A Pumpkin Spice Latte Game For Club

Capernaum Candy Corn Relay

15 Ideas for Costume Club

Young Life and the Church

Team Dynamics: Creating Healthy Team Cultural Intelligence

How To Lead Music At Young Life Club

Don’t Look Where I Point

We’ve got a great new game for club we think you will love! How to Play:  Partner up, taller person points, the shorter person looks first. You can look & point either up, down, left, or right. If the looker looks the same direction as the pointer points, the pointer wins. Take turns back and forth until this happens….

Starting the Campaigners Year with A242

WyldLife Wednesday: Meeting Parents On Their Turf

Amazing New Club Song: “Parked Out By The Lake”

My Commitment by Bill Goans (Friday Night Lights)

Instead of a Parent Meeting…

Making Club a Competition

WyldLife Wednesday: Camp Followup

WyldLife Wednesday: Maximizing Free Time at Camp