An Easy Mixer for Club: “Stacks”

Drew Hill March 8, 2020

Need a simple mixer for club that will make people laugh and help them get to know one another? 

The only catch is that this mixer will only work if you have enough chairs for everyone at club. 


  • A chair for each person

How To Play

Have everyone grab a chair and set them in a circle. 

Have a leader stand in the middle and make statements that get people moving. Begin by saying a statement that may accurately describe one or more people (same as “Train Wreck“). If it applies to a person, he/she must move two chairs to the left. If the chair is already occupied that person simply sits on the lap of whoever is there. There is no limit as to how many people can sit in a chair. Statements can be random such as “if you are feeling kind of green” or specific like “if you are wearing something green” or “if you play baseball.”

If you have a stack of people and something is called out does not apply to everyone in the stack then the one that it does apply to moves along with everyone who is sitting on their lap. For example, you have a stack of 5 people and number 1 is the person sitting on the chair aka the bottom of the stack. The statement called out only applies to person number 3 in the stack. That means that person number 3,4 and 5 move but 1 and 2 stay put.

The game can end whenever you want. Just pay careful attention to make sure no one is getting “crushed” under a stack. If so, stop the game! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

If you have a game that your Young Life club loves, email us so we can share it!

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