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The Big Dream

Young Life – The Big Dream from Young Life on Vimeo. In case you haven’t seen this inspiring 2 minute video yet…The Big Dream, from Jim Rayburn’s final speech to the YL staff. 

HEY! How To Have A ‘Happy, Happy, Happy’ Duck Dynasty Club

Need Talk Illustration: “You Set Me Free”

Music is powerful.  We connect with the lyrics and with the melody, and somehow our brains can retain and recall words musicians share with us through song long after we’ve forgotten that profound quote we vow to remember from a sermon. Music is also the language so many of our middle & high school friends understand.  Headphoned and thumb-swiping…

Club Video Contest Winners

Recently we held a contest for all Young Lifers. The challenge was to create videos that could be used in any clubacross the country. The prize was $50 toThe Online Young Life Store. We had a whoppin’ two entries, count that baby, one…two…peace sign. Oh yeah. Congrats to Sam Reid & Logan Bowlby! Both high schoolers actually live…

XtraNormal: A Video Tool With Hilarious Potential

The Truth About Contact Work

The awkward moment when a Young Life leader tries to meet a new kid at the high school. A 2 minute video created just for you. If You Are Reading In An RSS Feed And Cannot View Video Above Click This Link  The Truth About Contact Work: Part 2

Young Life Leader Infomercial

I’m not sure who the genius is that made this video below, but I just took off my hat, stood beside my computer and saluted you. The people in Bruegger’s Bagels are now staring at me, but it’s worth it. Whoever you are, well done. I just saw that below the YouTube video it says it was made…

A New ’30 Second Dance Party’ Video You Can Use

Club Entrance Video & Contest

*The Contest Below has been extended to April 15th. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what song (other than ‘Party Rock’ or ‘Tonight, Tonight’) to play as the doors open for club to begin each week. Below is a video you can use (as video or even just audio) as everyone enters your club room. And here’sFour More…

A Funny Young Life ‘Cops Video’ For You To Steal

This is a fun idea to steal and make for your own club. It could also be combined with the traditional Young Life “Irate Neighbor Skit.”

What Is Young Life?

On Monday during second lunch, I was introduced to two freshmen girls I’d never met…and to my pleasant surprise, seven hours later, they came to club for the first time! After club I walked them to the gravel parking lot to meet one of their dads who was waiting in his truck. As we approached, the window rolled…

Stuff Young Life Leaders Say

A funny 2 minutes from Knoxville Young Life leaders! If you make a funny Young Life video and want to share it, please pass it along! Email YL1941 at gmail dot com.

Banquet Videos

Due to the nature of this post being video heavy, it probably will take a few seconds to load. Our area banquet is coming up next week. Last year we borrowed Colt Helton’s “Friday Night Lights” video idea. I’ve watched our area’s version of it 10+ times and still boo hoo like a teething baby. Here’s the Chattanooga…

LipDub Club Promo

How amazing would it be if you got some of your high school friends fired up about making a lip-dub video like this to promote the first Young Life club of the semester? Pretty stinkin’ amazing! If anyone decides to go crazy and do this, be sure to email me the video and I’ll post it on the…

Blob World Record

Many of you saw some amazing blobs this summer, like some of these in this video from Rockbridge: But have you ever witnessed a blob like this? Wowsahs! If you have some high school friends with video editing skills, it might be a funny idea to take some video footage you shot at camp of kids blobbing and…

Kung Fu Volley Soccer

Tired of summer movies? Looking for something fun to do with your high school friends tonight? How bout putting together a lil game of Kung Fu Volley Soccer!

Navigating Summer Boredom, Part 1: Movies

Summer Movies: Part 3 (Opening Dates)

Here are some opening dates for movies your high school friends are going to see this summer. Plan ahead and schedule what movies you want to take them to see on opening night. I’m not personally recommending any of these movies, just letting you know when they come out. Be sure to check ahead on to see…

Summer Movies: Part 2 (Sticky Situations)

SITUATION 1A few of us YL leaders have had that gut-wrenching feeling of sitting in a movie theater with our high school friends when THAT image comes across the big screen. Why didn’t I check and see why this movie is rated R? I thought it was probably just a few swear words and some violence? WHOOPS! It’s…

Summer Movies: Part 1

Four Tips To Begin Club With A Bang

How To Make Hilarious “Good Morning Young Life” Videos