Need Talk Illustration: “You Set Me Free”

April 23, 2013

Music is powerful.  We connect with the lyrics and with the melody, and somehow our brains can retain and recall words musicians share with us through song long after we’ve forgotten that profound quote we vow to remember from a sermon.

Music is also the language so many of our middle & high school friends understand.  Headphoned and thumb-swiping to find the perfect playlist for the occasion, most kids just GET music.  And there’s just something about incorporating it into your talk.  It grabs us.  It creates a memorable connection.  And often it says what we want to say way better than we can communicate it.

This season on American Idol, there’s a singer/songwriter named Angie Miller.  During Hollywood week, Angie performed a solo that the judges raved about. She explains, “This song is about being set free from baggage and from the weight that you carry from hard times.”  

As you tell your high school friends that we have a Father who wants to embrace us with open arms when we are haunted and alone, and that we have a Savior who longs for us to throw off the heavy and burdensome baggage that drags us down, use this song to help illustrate.  Chances are, “You Set Me Free” will be set on repeat in their heads as they are brushing their teeth that night.

Post written by Kelly Heritage.

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