What Is Young Life?

February 8, 2012

On Monday during second lunch, I was introduced to two freshmen girls I’d never met…and to my pleasant surprise, seven hours later, they came to club for the first time! After club I walked them to the gravel parking lot to meet one of their dads who was waiting in his truck. As we approached, the window rolled down, and a big goatee intimated me. I introduced myself and thanked him for letting the girls come to club. I then asked my post-club-go-to-parking-lot-question: “Are you familiar with Young Life?”

He said he was not and I gave my best effort at a sixty second explanation. I wish I would have had an information card like this one,along with summer camp forms, but I didn’t. Silly Drew.

Whenever I do get around to making those info cards, I’m for sure going to include a link to this video below. It’s straight baller.

How do you describe Young Life to parents? Please leave a comment in the post below.

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