Our Club Schedule For Fall 2013

August 13, 2013
(Most of) the Northwest Guilford High School Young Life Team

We had our first YL team pow-wow of the semester last week. Business item number one was making an Insta-video of our team’s interpretation of Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom.’ I’d link to the video, but there are some things better left to the imagination. 

Below is what we came up with for our fall club schedule. Feel free to borrow any ideas. Creativity is forgetting where you stole it from. I made that up. 

26: Monday night Seniors-Only Pre-Party 

5: Thursday night 10th/11th graders Pre-Party

9:  All-City Freshmen Club: Intro talk
16: ‘Merica ClubFIRST NWYL Club of the semester: intro talk

23: Rave club: Person of Christ
30: Insta-club: Person of Christ

7: Red Neck Club: Barn Party Extravaganza  : Person of Christ
14: No official club bc of camp, but we’ll all meet for dinner
21: Camp Reunion club: Need
28: Costume club: Need

4- White-out club: Sin talk
11- All City Club/ YL Banquet at The Embassy Suites Hotel: gospel presentation 
18- Catching Fire Club: THE YOUNG LIFE HUNGER GAMES: Cross talk
25- Turkey/Bacon Club: Resurrection talk 

2- Mr. Christmas Tree Pageant : Christmas/Appropriation talk

Here are over 100 additional theme club ideas.

After we do each club, I’ll post up detailed plans songs, skits, games, etc… -Drew

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