Spiritual Disciplines of a Leader: Celebration and a Heaven-Facing Posture

Marissa "Momo" Brogden August 19, 2019

Today’s post is part 11 of our Spiritual Disciplines of a Leader series. Previous posts in the series include Spiritual Disciplines of a Leader, SabbathSolitude, PrayerCommunitySimplicityWorshipStudy, and Daily Examen


  • A word we use when we want to recognize a specific
    joyous occasion.
  • The most overplayed song by Kool and the Gang, used
    at weddings, graduations, and bat mitzvahs.
  • A word that we may use lightly in an everyday
  • Celebration is at the heart of the way of
    .” – Richard Foster

And yet…we live in a world where we easily gravitate towards the negative and rarely recognize the positive. We tend to focus on the bad things happening in the world before we notice the good. We look to the regret of the past more than the hope of the future.

So how do we live life with a heaven-facing posture? 

Obedience leads to joy.

“The joy of the Lord is our strength.” (Neh 8:10)

Obedience is a word some might say is cringe-worthy because we associate it with following rules and conforming to authority. But in this context, we are following the guidance of a Father who loves us. Joy is the end result of other spiritual disciplines.

So how do we celebrate well? 


In Psalm 150, the people of God are practicing celebration with the playing of instruments, dancing, and singing. Sounds a lot like Young Life club, a “party with a purpose!” 


Throughout scripture we see a model of celebration beginning with thanksgiving.nHave you ever spent time in a leadership meeting raising cans of LaCroix and toasting what the Lord has done? Gratitude leads to celebration.

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We celebrate God’s creativity in how he uniquely designed each person. When we show up at our high school friends’ music concerts, art shows, and theater productions – we are not only supporting them, but also celebrating God’s goodness in them.


What would it look like to make your Campaigner gatherings a celebration this semester? Elegant food? Prayers of thanksgiving? Serving others? Surprises?  Dressing fancy? Let’s remember what God has done and celebrate it together!

How are you modeling the practice of celebration?

“Celebration gives us the strength to live in all the other spiritual disciplines.” – Richard Foster

“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.” – John 15:11 

Enjoy this Spotify playlist for CELEBRATION!

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