The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Drew Hill October 14, 2016

In a few weeks, we’re having a hoe-down. You can find hoe-down ideas here.

As one of the opening mixers, we’re doing a Pumpkin Hunt. It’s similar to an Easter Egg Hunt, but the prizes aren’t inside the pumpkins, instead it is more like a raffle.

You could also do The Great Pumpkin Hunt as a completely separate event.

How It Works

  • Buy 50 mini-pumpkins. You can probably get them from a local pumpkin lot or Wal-mart for around .75 cents/pumpkin.
  • Take a sharpie and number each pumpkin 1-49.
  • Use gold spray paint to paint the 50th pumpkin and make it the elusive “Golden Pumpkin”
  • Write down numbers 1-49 on scrap pieces of paper and put them inside a plastic pumpkin or bowl.
  • Hide all the pumpkins so none are visible from the starting line. If you’re having club inside a barn, hide the pumpkins in places where kids won’t find them when they’re hanging out before Club. Maybe there are woods behind the barn where you can hide the pumpkins.
  • Explain to the kids that they’re only allowed to find as many pumpkins as they can carry in their arms, so no collecting pumpkins in book bags.
  • After kids have gone on the hunt, they will all return with the pumpkins they’ve collected. Then have one kid come up and draw a number out of the plastic pumpkin. Whoever found the pumpkin with that number on it wins a prize.
  • For prizes, you could give away Halloween candy, lunch with a leader, costume mustaches, etc…
  • Draw 5 numbers and give away 5 prizes.
  • Whoever finds the Golden Pumpkin gets $100 off of summer camp!

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