Club Game of the Week: Box of Lies

October 18, 2015

Need an upfront game for club?

The Box Of Lies game from Jimmy Fallon and ‘The Tonight Show’ has lots of funny potential. It could even dovetail with a need or sin talk…because we’re all pretty good at lying.

It helps to have a funny host run the game, a great opportunity for an adult leader or Senior Campaigner to show off personality, maybe as a game show character. It’s also important to choose the right contestants and prep them ahead of time. Let them watch the clip below (ahead of time) to get an idea of how the game works.

Make sure that the crowd can see the items that are in the boxes. If you have a larger club, you could use an AppleTV and mirror your phone to the screen showing a live video feed of the game. If you go that route, make sure the contestants cannot see the screen.  


  • Cardboard or poster board frame  
  • Table
  • 2 chairs
  • Hidden Box items

Sample Hidden Box Items 

  • Barbie leg in a mousetrap
  • Bedazzled Goldfish carton
  • Live lizard
  • Sandwich with wet cat food in the middle
  • Turkey baster filled with pictures of Justin Bieber
  • School text book autographed by your principal
  • Athletic jersey
  • Get creative…anything can work.


  • Set up two chairs on opposite ends of table
  • Set up frame for contestants to look through (make sure it’s large enough to hide the items). 
  • Taking individual turns, players will take a box and open it out of view of opposing player
  • Player 1 with open box will tell Player 2 what’s inside the box- however, player 1 has the option to lie or tell the truth
  • Player 2 must guess either lie or truth
  • If Player 2 guesses correctly, they get a point, if Player 2 guesses wrong, then player 1 gets the point
  • Player to get the most points, wins!

Will Orr also suggested a little twist to the game. “Place some outlandish foods in the bags that would make a player say, “There’s no way that’s even a thing.” Or imagine how funny it would be to put a worm or a cricket in the bag and have player 1 have to look the other player in the eye and say, “Well, there is actually a live cricket in this bag.” If player 2 is wrong, he/she MUST eat whatever is in the bag. The possibilities are endless and hilarious!”

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