4 Leaders You’ve Seen Christ In This Semester

December 16, 2014

Over Thanksgiving we asked you to share about leaders in your area who had shown you Christ this semester. Here are 4 more! 

Jared Echevarria (shown on right) is an amazing guy. He has been a leader at Pickens High School in Jasper, Georgia for several years. I came to know him last year when I started playing guitar for Club. I am amazed by his willingness to put his life on the line for kids. He is currently in school at the University of North Georgia and has to drive an hour to get to club, Campaigners or team meetings. What I love most about him is his willingness to physically wrestle with guys. High school guys love this! Jared is not afraid to let it get messy by getting close to guys and sharing the difficulties of life. His willingness to listen and hang out with guys is simply awesome. Kevin Gantz – leader in Pickens Co, Georgia.

Katie Bonura, the words intentional, Jesus-loving, selfless, and contagiously joyful, is just a glimpse of what I see when I think of Katie. She goes all out for kids because of her unending love for Christ, hoping that one day they will share the same love for Him. She truly knows what it means to pursue high school kids and to do life with them. She went with one of her pregnant high-schoolers to register for her baby at Target, her club talks make the Gospel attractive, and she shows her faithfulness to kids by consistently being in their life. I discover more about Jesus when I am around Katie. –Aubrey Bonura, leader in Louisville, KY

Michael Eugene (pictured left) is probably the coolest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s hilarious, fun, sings like an angel, has killer dance moves, but most importantly loves Jesus with everything he has and shares that love with guys at two high schools in Macon. When Michael graduated from college a little over a year ago he searched and searched for a job in Macon- simply because he felt God was calling him to stick around and continue loving high school guys here. Michael is more than an awesome leader, he is a great friend and team member. He is the team encourager and throws himself into everything he does. He also has the unique ability to share the male perspective with me I can then pass on to my girls who trust Michael; they know he’s always looking out for them. Michael is the type of leader that makes us all better leaders and I’m thankful for the privilege to serve with him! – Amy Kenney, leader in Macon, GA

Meghan Gallagher (pictured in the middle, wearing the red “I still believe” sweatshirt) is my roommate and best friend, has been a Young Life leader for just about two years. For two years I have watched her be a behind the scenes kind of leader. She is the quiet one, running the PowerPoints at club, taking care of details for everyone on her team, watching 3 hour long ballets her high school friends are in, and always heading to Starbucks to have deep conversations with girls. I happen to be the exact opposite. I am the type of leader that is loud and crazy, and often a lot of us think that is how YL leaders should be. However, watching Meghan lead her girls in a way that is so intentional, and watching her lead obediently even though she doesn’t get the spotlight has shown me who Christ is. Jesus never wanted the spotlight or recognition. For him, the small acts of service played a huge part in his ministry. Meghan never asks for recognition, she serves and loves kids obediently time and time again, no matter how hard it gets. There are times she questions her quieter methods and compares herself to her loud and crazy teammates, but little does she know I aspire to lead a little bit more like her because of the way she shows Christ. –Tierney Kearns, leader in Grove City, PA

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