Featuring 5 Young Life Leaders You’ve Seen Christ In This Semester

December 3, 2014

Over Thanksgiving we asked you to share how you’ve seen Christ in another leader this semester. It’s not too late to share, we’re taking submissions until December 8th. And if you share, you can win a book. Here are the details of how to do it.

5 Leaders You’ve Seen Christ In This Semester 

Garrison Weiner has shown me what it means to truly love students and do life with them this past semester. As you can see from the pic (he’s the short guy with long hair in the blue shirt), he blends in quite well and has become best friends with these young men because of his heart to change their lives forever. Garrison reflects Christ in a way that is contagious to the people around him. From long boarding to coffee chats with students his attitude is to show them the excitement and fullness of Christ. Every guy that comes to club loves him, plus he is really funny when he gets up front. His genuine spirit attracts students to him. His love and kindness to his team pushes them to love high school friends more then ever. As Christ set the example, so does Garrison in relentless pursuit of the lost. Garrison has taught me genuine grace and love from the Lord, but also what our response is to those better than I could have ever imagined.- David Farnham, leader in Columbia, SC

Laura Beth (pictured far left) or LB as we fondly call her is a mother of 3 young boys. This year she felt the Lord calling her back to YL ministry and she answered the call. LB amazes me. She has jumped into the deep end with all of us. Amazingly, she totes along her family to Young Life College events because she believes in the importance of her boys seeing her give her life away for Jesus. She never misses a club and came to serve on Work Crew at our Fall camp. She opened up her home for our first ever worship night, and most importantly, she is faithfully building relationships with freshmen girls at ECU. I’m convinced LB is Superwoman and I have seen Jesus in her time and time again this semester. –Kristina Thompson, YL Staff in Greenville, NC

Grant Goodman (pictured right) loves Jesus. He is full of joy and of course, he loves high school kids. He is one of the most consistent guys I know in showing up. He has never missed a Club or Campaigners and goes to as many lunches as he can just to be present with his high school friends. Whether he is needed to play guitar for club or to dress ridiculously, Grant will do it. He is on fire for Jesus and has taught me so much on how to have a relationship with our Lord. This is so evident through the love his YL guys have for him and for how he loves them. Also, Grant consistently keeps up with the YL guys from his hometown with whom he has built relationships with. This guy gets it. –Griffin Hoover, leader in West Lafayette, IN

That’s my twin sister on the left, Kelly (Kellza) McGlynn. She is a rock star and one heck of a YL leader. She is someone whom I admire so much for her wild pursuit of Jesus. The way she loves her YL girls is absolutely incredible. She spends countless hours on coffee dates, frozen yogurt dates and dinners with her Sanderson High School girls. Her commitment of time is so encouraging to me. She not only runs after these girls, but she runs after her friends with a passion and love like I’ve never seen. What a story of redemption she is. She leaks Jesus. –Sarah McGlynn, leader in Greater Raleigh, NC

Mitch Rencheck (middle, blue shirt) is a junior at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Mitch is one of the most fun, loving, and genuine people I know. As a new leader this semester, he is very intentional with me and always provides me with truth and insight as we follow Jesus together. Mitch puts in so much time into loving his high school friends, other leaders, and people he interacts with on Purdue’s campus. He is a huge light in my life and shows me what it looks like to fully follow Jesus as a college student through his actions towards others. – Evan Roberts, leader in Lafayette, IN

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