The Young Life Leader Free App of the Day: VideoShop

April 7, 2014

Almost every Monday night around 10pm I spend 10 minutes on my iPhone making a short highlight video from club. At the end of the semester it’s easy to edit those videos together for a full semester recap video. I use the Magisto app and explained how it works on this post from January: 10 Helpful iPhone Apps For Young Life

Here’s a video I made of our ‘YL’s Got Talent Club’ last week. 

#NWYL’s Got Talent from Drew Hill on Vimeo.

Magisto is great and does all the editing for you, but sometimes it’s nice to have more control of the clips. For the video above I used Magisto for the first minute and iMovie for the 2nd minute to edit the clips together. It was all done on my phone in 10-15 minutes. 

My brother sent me a link to a FREE APP TODAY called VideoShop. I tried it out and it looks awesome. It lets you edit multiple clips together, add text to the clips, reverse them, change the speed, add music, use filters, trim, etc… And it has a simple user-friendly interface as well. You can even post the edited video straight to social media from the app. Seems like it has more features and is more user friendly than the iMovie app. 

An even better option than just you downloading the VideoShop app is for you to also ask some high schoolers to download it. You get kids to shoot some club video on their phones during club and then head to Micky D’s after club to edit the video together. 

It saves you time as a leader, gives you another great contact work opportunity, and empowers kids to lead. When that video gets posted on Twitter from your YL account at 10:30pm on Monday night, they’re going to Retweet it, because they helped make it. It makes them a producer, rather than a consumer. 

Here’s another post about that: 

8 Ways To Give High Schoolers Ownership 

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