The Rayburn Awards: How To Celebrate The Year’s End In YL Style

April 6, 2014

If you’re on YL staff and looking for a fresh way to celebrate your leaders in May, how bout ‘The Rayburn Awards?”

Last May, San Diego North YL posted a helpful idea about how they celebrated their leaders. Area Director Martin Cachero wrote up the details here

The Rayburn Awards

  • Red Carpet at the entrance
  • Committee dressed in black & white with bow ties
    serving leaders
  • Leaders were dressed to impress
  • Photo booth with props 
  • Fancy drinks –“The
    Jim Rayburn” (Ice tea & Lemonade) & “The Malibu” (Sparkling strawberry
  • Exquisite decor 
  • YL standard high quality cuisine
  • Awards and gifts to all the leaders 

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