Weekend Camp Club Music Set List

February 15, 2012

This weekend a few of us from our area led music at Windy Gap for Columbia, SC and Lake Norman, NC Winter Camp. Here is a link to download our set list from the weekend. It’s also listed below with links to download the guitar chords for the newer content songs you might not yet use in club. (Beautiful Things, S.O.S, Change Me, I Am Yours, & Love Immeasurable)Hopefully it will be helpful to you if you’re planning music for clubs this semester or for a weekend camp coming up.
Windy Gap Setlist
Feb 10-12, 2012

Fri Night Club

1. Viva La Vida
2. Chicken Fried
3. The Cave
4. Free Fallin
5. Change Me by Ryan Long
6. What if what they say is true?

Sat Morning

1. Rolling In The Deep
2. Lion Sleeps Tonight
3. You Belong With Me
4. Drops of Jupiter
5. Love Immeasurable by Ryan Long
6. S.O.S. by Ed Cash

Sat Night

1. Tonight, Tonight
2. Twist & Shout
3. Go Bananas
4. Don’t Stop Believing
5. Hero
6.I Am Yours
7. How He Loves

Sunday Morning

1. Baby
2. Living on a prayer
3. Sweet Caroline
4.Change Me by Ryan Long
5. SOS
6. Beautiful Things

Backup Options

Hey There Delilah
I’ll Be
Sweet Home/Fresh Prince
I want it that way
Don’t wanna miss a thing
Stand by me
Just the way you are
Party in the USA
Lean on me
I’m yours
Never Say never
My Heart will go on
Under the bridge

Backup Content Songs

The Valley
Your love is deep
Light the fire
It’s amazing
Only You
Somebody’s Calling Out Your Name
Lay my burdens down
Beautiful Scandalous Night
Prince of peace

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