A Baller New Club Song From Ed Cash

Drew Hill February 20, 2012

Last Wednesday I posted the club song set from our Windy Gap weekend. I wanted to make sure you spotted my favorite new one in the list. It’s called ‘S.O.S’ and was written by long time YL musician Ed Cash.

Ed wrote it on Saturday morning before club at our Windy Gap outreach weekend last November. It’s quickly become one of our favorites, and maybe the loudest song I’ve ever heard kids sing in club. For real.

The content of the song could set up most club talk topics well, especially ‘need’ or ‘sin’ talks. While Ed has not recorded a produced version of the song, I was lucky enough to capture it on my iPhone while he sang it live at Windy Gap. He’s given his permission to share the recording with you here. Thanks Ed!

Below are the chords. Here are downloadable PowerPoint slides. Ed’s voice is pretty high, so we capo 2 and drop it an octave. Rock on!

SOS Chords

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