Discipleship Focus: A Summer-long discipleship experience

Paul Ragon March 23, 2022

Do you have a desire to know Jesus more intimately, be discipled, live in community with like minded college age students, all while getting paid? Consider spending your summer at Young Life’s Discipleship Focus!

Discipleship Focus is a summer long discipleship experience focusing on living in an abiding relationship with Jesus. We combine the elements of biblical studies, Christian community, and work experience to provide an opportunity that has proven to be life-changing for hundreds of college students over the years. We take 10 weeks and look at what Scripture says about God, about us, and about how to do life with God on a daily basis. We do this while living in community and applying what we learn in a full time job. It’s an opportunity to invest in your relationship with Jesus and experience deep community, while also earning an income.

“Coming into the program I thought I knew enough about walking with Jesus. But so many questions I never even knew I had were answered. So many things were explained I never realized that I didn’t truly understand. I’m so happy that I got to be a part of the DFO family.”


“The guys in my cabin had a profound impact on my faith. As the summer went on we progressively challenged each other on an everyday basis about what we had learned and how we could apply that to our lives. We encouraged one another and constantly pointed each other to Christ.”


For more information watch this video:

You can also visit dfocus.younglife.org

or contact Paul Ragon (pragon@dfonp.younglife.org).

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