Spread Love, Not Germs

Sam Scott February 2, 2021

For Valentine’s Day this year, we’re putting together a little surprise for the kids in our area. In the middle of a weird school year, we want to remind them how much they’re loved. 

Below is our play-by-play. Feel free to copy and paste this idea for your Young Life friends!

  1. The week before Valentine’s Day we plan to post to our Instagram and Snapchat stories asking what kids’ favorite candy is. We won’t give a reason; it will just come off as a fun question for engagement!
    • You don’t need to make it a surprise like we are, but I think it adds to the fun!
  2. We’ll save kids’ responses and create a massive shopping list for the candy we need to buy.
    • Most areas aren’t spending as much money on club this school year, so ask your local staff person if they can foot the bill, or ask friends to donate!
  3. Next, we’ll divide the candy among leaders to deliver to kids along with a handwritten note!
  4. Finally, sometime around Valentine’s Day, leaders will deliver the candy/card to kids. You can easily make this step vibe with your local COVID-19 restrictions and the various comfort levels of leaders and kids.
    • Some of our leaders plan to simply drop off the candy/card in kids’ mailboxes while others plan to hang out at kids’ houses after they make the delivery. That’s my favorite part of this idea: you’re able to customize this to individual comfort levels while still doing something “sweet” for the kids you love.

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