“Deeper in Christ” with Aretta Zitta

Aretta Zitta February 3, 2021

In this “Deeper in Christ” video, we get to hear from Aretta Zitta the International Field Director of Young Life Military/Club Beyond. As Field Director, she gets to handle the “not fun” stuff like reports, plans, and administrative documents. But she does that behind-the-scenes work so that her staff can be free to reach out to kids and serve overseas.

Recently, her small group at the chapel she attends on the military base was studying the parables and focusing in on The Prodigal Son from Luke 15. 

What particularly stuck out to Aretta was the ending when the older brother is a little salty because he is not being celebrated even though he has done so much. The amount of effort we put in tends to not always align with the results we want. But Jesus counts things differently than we do. He sees the value in the small things, the mundane tasks, and in hidden things, like character. 

As Young Life Leaders, what are the small things God is calling you to be faithful in?

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