“Deeper in Christ” with Kelsey Jenney

Kelsey Jenney December 16, 2020

In this “Deeper in Christ” video we hear from the wonderful Kelsey Jenney who is on Young Life staff in Michigan. 

Kelsey absolutely LOVES Christmas and reminds us of the reality that “the Lord is coming near.” 

She shares how she has been “stuck and struck” by Mark 6, the familiar passage where Jesus walks on water. When Jesus climbs in the boat with his disciples he ensures them everything will be okay, even though the chaotic storm is thrashing around them. Jesus acknowledges the disciples’ fear and rescues them by his very presence.

Our God climbs in alongside us, looks at us face to face, and hears us. He sits with us in the chaos and confusion and hears our cries.

Where do you need Him to climb in closer?

What do you need to tell Jesus the most?

We’d love to hear your responses to Kelsey’s encouragement. If you have thoughts to share, you can email us here.

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